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NOV 23

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"Hi Michael, Design can be as complicated as rocket science and i recommend cheapest prices for levitra as sim..."

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Solar Tower Dish Looks (via Sim City 2000?)

Another renewable energy structure from Micheal Jantzen??? Well, yes...and he's now officially the how to buy viagra on-line only architect that I wish had an RSS feed... We previously covered a wind-powered spinning building from Jantzen, and now he's got a solar concentrator that doubles as a pavilion and water collector.

Ecotality also points out that it might serve the dual purpose of scaring away any invading it is quite death-star-esque. As long as Jantzen keeps crankin' out these mockups, I'm gonna give him props. But what I really want to see is someone actually investing in his designs!

Via Ecotality

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written by Joel, November 23, 2007
Odd that the dish doesn't point to the sun. From the images shown, it would seem that the sunlight is being collected into a wide ellipsoid hanging in space above and to the left of the building. It looks like the reflectors can be moved, but they don't seem to have been rotated since high noon, and the viagra online building doesn't seem to have been built with any tip-of-the-hat to the effects of lattitude.
written by Daniel Bell, November 24, 2007
I guess those ellipsoids are mirrors that point the sun back at central PVs. But the pic doesn't show a diff. color for the PVs so that's why its confusing. (I assume)
The idea of catching rainwater in those same mirrors is the real innovation here. And the design employs good old fashioned mixed use planning. Are there other ways we can integrate rainwater storage with solar power?
written by Ken Roberts, November 25, 2007
I don't understand this design. Why is the base of the tower important? Couldn't you just sit the top half directly onto the ground?
Ken, part of only now viagra samples the need for elevation is t
written by Webster, November 26, 2007
so ideally those mirrors would at times be below where they connect to enter site levitra price in canada the tower. As for the pavilion part of it, I imagine that it would make this something that could sit at the north (or south, depending on your relationship to the equator) end of a park or other public commons without monopolizing the space.
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