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NOV 26

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"It's getting pretty crowded in here! It will be interesting to see how..."

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The Web Keeps Going Green: MSN Green

Green is definitely the one of the buzzwords these days that we see large Internet sites jumping into. AOL recently launched its eco-blog, Green Daily. Yahoo partnered with EcoGeek for its own green Web site. MSN is now getting in on the order quality cialis act as well, unveiling a new site called MSN Green.

The idea of MSN Green, says Microsoft, is to give online viewers a compilation of how can i buy viagra in canada articles, ideas, and tools to help them go green. MSN Green may have seen some birth support from the Live Earth concerts earlier this year, which generated some 15 million streams the day of the event and probably showed Bill Gates and company how big a deal this eco stuff has become to super levitra the online world.

MSN Green will have among its offerings green-focused articles from MSNBC, Treehugger, and a variety of other publications, tools that will help you measure how green you are, photos pulled from around the Web that visually show the impact of climate change, and video from amateurs and professionals alike that spotlight green topics.

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Competition Getting Fierce!
written by Chris Hansen, November 29, 2007
It's getting pretty crowded in here! It will be interesting to see how things shake out with the big guys getting into the only here usa cialis green blog/site game. How many little guys like me,, can compete. My prediction right now is that the big guys will do well, but the grassroots will continue to thrive by offering good information close to home. Just don't expect to make money from it.

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