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NOV 26

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"Here at Tardis Environmental where going to have solar panels installe..."

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Save the viagra official site Electricity, Save the World

OK, so it's going to take a lot more than switching off the TV to "save the world" like a superhero (try unplugging it, for one). On the other hand, every little bit helps, and every day people have to start somewhere... once a person begins feeling good about saving energy, fixing leaky faucets, and recycling, it's not that big a jump to living in an Earthship, using a composting toilet, and flying around in a solar-powered dirigible.

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written by campbell, January 01, 2008
well, thanx! I do appreciate the plug for solar powered dirigibles! (long as they are designed and built properly) no blimps/no zeppelins

Darrell Campbell
Turtle Airships
Use non-electric sewage treatment system
written by septic tank, May 19, 2009
The problem with composting toilets is that you are left with greywater which has to be dealt with. Septic tanks require the solids as well as greywater to provide food for the bacteria, so they won't work with greywater alone. Greywater harvesters are expensive and require electricity, so are not so green and in the UK and most of Northern Europe, we have more than enough water for the Gardens.
Non-electric sewage treatment plants use no electricity for the process and produce clean water which can then be used for irrigation.
What can you do!!
written by septic tank emptying, October 09, 2012
Here at Tardis Environmental where going to have solar panels installed at our depots along with wind turbine that will produce free and clean energy. There are loads of things you can do know. not only that but the viagra femele goverment will help pay towards clean energy. I just had double glazed windows installed all round the house from the goverment as this will save on heating.

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