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NOV 26

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"...I seem to remember that the station was only powered for 90 or 95%..."

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Green Research Station in Antarctica

Antarctica is a frikkin' weird place to live. I've had a few friends spend time at maintenence workers, not scientists...and the overwhelming opinion is that people just don't belong. So while we've found our reasons to be there, it's important that we try not to leave much of a footprint.

It's also important to try to be self-sufficient because, so frequently, you are entirely cut off from the rest of the world. And those are just two of the reasons why the government of Belgium recently comissioned the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, the first zero-emission, manned scientific station in the world.

The station will be powered with 100% renewable energy, from the solar panels on the walls, to the six wind turbines on a nearby ridge. It is also designed to use 20% of the energy of comparable stations. The walls are extra-insulated, and the heating system will rely not only on viagra pfizer online regular heaters, but on passive generation from sunlight, and redistributing heat created by equipment.

The station has already begun construction, and will be installed in Antarctica this winter (summer, there.)

Via Inhabitat

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Its cool and all...
written by Solar Coupons, November 27, 2007
But does it come with an Xbox 360 installed?
A Step Forward
written by Brian Green, November 27, 2007
If this station is as good as the claims, it'll be a huge step forward regarding research in Antarctica. I hope the station is a huge success and that the wind turbines hold up in the cold and extremely fast wind that has been reported there.

After a year or so of operation we'll have a better picture of how this new station works. If everything is a go, we'll have to start looking at the older camps and see if they will upgrade to similar facilities getting rid of the older technologies for more efficient ones.

Time will tell.
beeing an belgian...
written by filip, December 08, 2007
...I seem to remember that the station was only powered for 90 or 95% withe reusable energy. since i've first heard about it(2 years ago), it might have changed though.
But still, I'm not entirely dissapointed.

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