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NOV 28

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"Walmart also does this, as I recently found out why many of the HDTV's..."

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Target Selling Re-Used Electronics

I don't know why other companies don't do this, but Target has just become the first major retailer to offer "refurbished" electronics. Instead of just sending the (mostly perfectly good) electronics to be recycled, Target is fixing them up, and then selling them at reduced rates.

From my perspective, the hope is tramadol online cod that electronics will become more like cars, having multiple owners throughout their lifespan and getting levitra staying in use for up to 10 years (instead of the more normal [and dismal] three). It's just a test program, but Target's website is offering a variety of refurbished electronics, including iPods, camcorders, and a ton of flat screen televisions.

The site says that all refurbished items are "essentially as good as new" and that they've all be certified and guaranteed to be so.

Unfortunately, you won't find any refurbished items at brick and mortar stores, but quality pre-owned items at a big retailer like Target is definitely a good start.

Via TreeHugger and Reuters

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On Target - recycling
written by weee, November 28, 2007
I hope the test program works from their perspective and they roll it out as a permanent deal.
It's madness that electronics that can be useful for 10 years is thrown in landfill after 3.
@ brick and mortar stores
written by dave, November 28, 2007
some of these are showing up the buy cialis doctor online North Carolina Target stores.
written by JohnnyGreen, November 28, 2007
Besides Target, companies like Apple, Bose, HP and on-line retailers like Tiger Direct offer refurbished/ re-certified electronics as well. Many if not most of these products are brand new, returned to stores due to buyers remorse.
Its a step forward
written by Eze, November 28, 2007
I wouldn't be surprised if target starts making some decent money with this. Like ^^johnnygreen said^^ most of the items get returned with little use, or even still in the box. And who knows how much they make on the turn around for the second sale.
great idea
written by Marisa, November 28, 2007
This is a brilliant move on Target's part. I know that plenty of other companies offer refurb services/products, but that such a big retailer like Target is starting this is a wonderful idea. I hope it takes off, because as has been mentioned, it's really good to try to get the 10 years out of a product rather than a lousy 3.
Good thing, but what's up with the title
written by Daniel, November 29, 2007
I think this is a great move on Target's part, and I'll probably peruse their offerings when in the market for some additional electronics. But, what's up with the title of the article here? Target is reselling used electronics. The title would have you believe that Target is selling items that have been used multiple times, and I don't think that's the case at all. I could be mistaken, but, just wanted to offer my comment. :)
Reduce, RE-USE, Recycle
written by Marla, November 29, 2007
Daniel, I think the title of the article is incorporating the look here cialis online buy well known waste management phrase: reduce, RE-USE, recycle. Though I agree, it does sound misleading as to just how used the refurbished electronics are. Perhaps a better title would be "Target facilitates re-use of electronics"
Nothing New
written by mydogholly, November 29, 2007
This appears to buy levitra online australia be nothing new. Almost every store does this when people return electronics. If the box has been opened the store must either return the item to the manufacturer for "certification" or just sell the item as "like new" with a slight discount. That is the reason Best Buy and others charge a restocking fee for opened electronics.
Yes, the three Rs
written by zupakomputer, November 29, 2007
Small businesses of course always fixed-up electronic and electrical items, whether they'd originally sold them or not. They still do - but the manufacturers tend to be the problem, as anyone who's ever taken various items for repair can no doubt attest to. They don't provide spare parts, and expect the product buyer to just buy a whole new item instead.

It's the same for the larger retail stores - the products they sell don't tend to be supported for repairs.

The other problem being - the type of person that actually throws such things as electronics into bins (or can't even manage to properly use a bin and generic for viagra just dumps them any old place)..
This is a good thing
written by Butch, December 01, 2007
And can be made even better with the offering of factory warranties on these items. I don't know what people are doing replacing their electronics after only 3 years, but my newest gadgets are a year old.
What a great idea
written by Target coupon, January 10, 2008
My experience with refurbished electronics, is that it's just as good... at least I've had positive experiences at Dell with their refurbished items. It's a great idea and definitely other retailers should follow suit. Perhaps the reason that major retailers don't sell refurbished stuff is uk levitra that they may sell it to other internet retailers such as that sell refurbished items as their main business.
Great thing!
written by Ada, March 19, 2008
Hooray!! a national chain taking point on this!! I'm in the market for a new TV and I'm going to check their site. I was looking before finding this site for appliance parts to levitra cheap fast repair my old one. Dell does this with refurbished computers and Fry's Electronic does also. It's about time that we take this step. I mean, how may of us go to the thrift store and then show off the great jacket or dress we got at a great bargain? It should be the same with electronics; especially i-pods, which don't have a user-replaceable battery.appliance parts
how do you do this?
written by jonathan, March 27, 2008
how is target doing this? Are they buting these from anyone and fixing them up and selling them? or are they getting them for free? like goodwill.
written by Bryan Bangs, January 12, 2013
Once you locate a large, leading supplier of refurbished electronics store, you will be able to shop by brand and/or price. If you don’t happen to find the make and model you are interested in the first time you visit such a site, just return again in a day or two to see if it is in stock. These retailers are constantly adding computers to their inventories so what’s not there today could be there tomorrow. You are more than likely to find the exact computer you want and at a price that’s far below retail when you buy refurbished.
written by Jason, July 13, 2013
Walmart also does this, as I recently found out why many of the HDTV's were so drastically cheap, then digging further finding many places now do this, Target, Wal*Mart, probably Best Buy, etc...

Also, as a source, I'm a former associate at two different Wal-Mart stores.

WM also sells refurb. wii, xbox360, PS3 games, etc...

Keep up the good work guys!

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