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NOV 30

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"Nah, don't be silly. That's what the future is for. ;)..."

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$1000 For an Entirely Off-Grid Computer

Have you ever wanted to take green computing to visit web site uk cialis sales the tramadol order next level? Maybe, instead of upgrading to an EPEAT Gold machine, instead you want to take it a little bit further? want your computer to consume NO electricity EVER.

Well, this Christmas season, you can do just that. This tiny Linux box from Aleutia consumes 8 watts when running at maximum capacity, and it will only cost you around $350 dollars. The rest of purchase viagra in uk your thousand dollar budget goes into a tiny 8-inch, 12-watt LCD screen and a big ol' Brunton Solar Roll to power the low-impact workstation.

You can buy them all together from Aleutia right now. Of course, the system isn't designed for home users...more for researchers and aid workers in developing countries, but it is a fantastic example of what can already be done with existing technology.

Via TreeHugger

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Would make a nice server...
written by fak3r, December 07, 2007
For me, this would make a nice server solution I've been thinking of; in a waterproof box on the side of the house with the solar cells on we recommend cialis ed the roof overhead - headless of course, it's the way to go anyway, less power, plus it's how I run all of my servers. I'd like to where can i purchase viagra at least have it for a starter 'This site run only by power from the Sun' website! With a Wifi it'd be completely wireless, could use the database inside on my server if I needed to. I have a thin, netstation client, it boots from a CF so no harddrive needed, it's a VIA chipset, I think like this one, so I suspect it's pretty low wattage. With this I'd only need the solar panel and the battery - looks like that's ~400$ to get started.

Anyone have any idea of how much power the batter would store, if it'd keep things spinning overnight? Also, any cheaper options for a solar panel/battery combo for an experiment like this? (have wanted to try this for a long time, but have to stay on the cheap for now, I'm a family geek ya know...

Any comments or advice welcome, thanks!
norhtec servers
written by john, December 08, 2007

has a machine that I've bought - runs linux (I think also windows CE if you want) and is herbal alternative to viagra very cheap.
written by work shoes, January 22, 2008
So, that's 20W total with the monitor? Still, pretty darn impressive that the entire thing can be run from a small solar panel. What's the CPU and memory on such a device? I would just need to get a small solar cell to power my wireless and I'd be all set for the next power outage...
This is too cool!
written by Christmas Trees, February 11, 2008
I've been reading about a laptop battery that can run for ten times more than normal ones. Now I read about a "computer" that runs on solar energy. What will I hear next? A car that flies?
written by Raphael, May 24, 2008
Nah, don't be silly. That's what the future is for. ;)

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