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DEC 03

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"Euro-diesel/hybrid,plug-ins from VW were withdrawn from American marke..."

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New Technique Easily Locates Geothermal Power

Geothermal energy represents a huge but largely untapped resource. Estimates are that the geothermal potential in the United States could provide 3,000 times as much energy as the country currently needs. But finding appropriate locations with good geothermal potential has required exploratory drilling which is very expensive.

Two researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have now discovered a low-cost method for identifying appropriate locations for geothermal potential that does not require drilling. Instead, they test the we recommend best prices for viagra groundwater and examine the ratio of two helium isotopes in the water. One isotope is more prevalent in the Earth's crust, while the other is more prevalent in the mantle. The presence of more of buy viagra uk the mantle isotope is correlated with locations where the mantle is closer to the surface, and thus sites with geothermal potential.

Some nations are already making extensive use of geothermal energy, but those are the obvious candidates like Iceland and New Zealand. However, geothermal energy is also part of the energy mix that Google recently announced they would be supporting. So this technology may find its way into wider application sooner rather than later.

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The Status Quo
written by Uncle B, September 13, 2009
Euro-diesel/hybrid,plug-ins from VW were withdrawn from American markets - lack of sale cited! They did give Yankee Doodle a good solid 50% reduction in fuel consumption! Yankee Doodle chose SUV's and brought on a depression in his own country! Assholes! Eco-Ark survival type housing was introduced and partially developed by the online cheap viagra buy intelligentsia for America, assuring Yankee Doodle survival in the cyclic downturns predicted by economics schools the world over. Yankee Doodle chose McMansions and got foreclosures and disaster in a very short time frame!Great green lawns, reminents of British Royalty from the 17th Century adorn the homes of Yankee Doodle, although he has bween warned of Factory Farms suddenly shifting Capital to viagra sales hong kong Asian markets much as GM (America)'s backers did! Yankee Doodle chooses herbicides over gardening and in the food crunch coming predictably soon to his house, he still mows his lawn like a fathful advert puppet, and hopes for better times! Assholes! Getting this 'Yankee Doodle" to adopt anything outside the conventions of his narrow narrow convoluted advertising propagandized mind, like sharing "communally" heat from a geo-thermal well will be harder than shoving butter up a tigers ass with a hot poker! The stupid bastard will cite health effects, environmental damages, mystical forces in the night, and alien attractions as excuses not to change! Find it! Good. Exploit it, Better! get "Stupid" to adapt to it! Hopeless mission! Look what the 'ywankee Doodles of this continent do with their very Shiite! They are finding their old medications from it in their drinking water, because that's where they Shiite, instead of bio-gassing sewage to bottled fuel and fertilizer sludges for top-soil building of the land!So you think they are hard headded! Wait till you find out, they use up to 16 gallons of good, filtered, purified, sanitized, drinking water to have one poop! 16 gallons each time! Goddammit! Where as Sweden dry composts the stuff, China collects it every morning for their gardens, and France, does too! Oslo, Norway actually runs their busses on it! Saving imported oil bills to boot! Yakee Doodle, how ever, enlightened and uk levitra "Entitled" as he is, chooses to Shiite all ovwer the we use it order prescription levitra greatest natural treasure the world has ver known! His country-side! In the lakes rivers, swamps streams, even down the seashores! Dirty Animal, Yankee Doodle! Dirty pig indeed! Give you Ger-thermal on a silver plate, and sure as Hell has hills, you will fvck it up and shoot it back in our faces! Fvck You! Yankee Doodle Dandy, Chinese communism, coming soon to your sold out neighborhood will not be so good to your fat ass! You'll learn, You'll see!

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