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DEC 03

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"Don't suppose you know what scale it is, do you?..."

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A Dollhouse for EcoGeeks?

When I was growing up, girls had their Barbie dollhouse and viagra tablets we guys had our awesome Castle Greyskull from which to battle the evils of Skeletor. But now there is a playhouse for all sexes of EcoGeeks! Thames and Kosmos, a toy company, has come out with what they call their "Power House," a kit that lets you build your own little house that's full of alternative energy goodies!
Imagine a dollhouse complete with solar panels, a wind turbine, a greenhouse, and a desalination system! You can also "build and operate an electric train, windmill, solar cooker, solar hot water tank, hygrometer, electric motor, power hoist, sail car, and more!"
The kit also comes with a 96-page manual which details the 70 experiments that you can conduct with the house, as well as the 20 building projects that are included. It is structured as "An Adventure in Sustainable Living," following a bunch of people living on an island with limited resources, following their uses of sustainable technologies. For those of you looking for nice little gifts for your kids (or your inner EcoGeek), this sounds like fun!
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written by nanokiwi, December 04, 2007
Impressive - now you just need to invent a shrink ray!
It might sound trite
written by weee, December 04, 2007
but I think it's great that a new generation will grow up with the awareness that alternative power is child's play.
Now, if we can just get our leaders to grasp it...
written by Ren, December 04, 2007
Does anyone have suggestions of something along this line that does not cost $150? I'm looking for something for a toydrive.
written by Brian Ross, December 04, 2007
It's green and it's a model and it's a robot and it is solar powered - search for beam bots or solar robots. Make magazine's store sell one for 25 bucks.
You could power this thing
written by Webster, December 04, 2007
with a humdinger. Good stuff. I'd like to see something that's more modular though so you can add stuff over time.
written by bxm, December 05, 2007
wow i would want to have it as my chrismas gift. but 96 pages of manual, wow lots of reading! by the way how much does this thing cost? one person said is $150 wow that 's lot of money, also where can i get it? anyone know? what about ebay? anyway thanks for sharing this ! ;D
written by VIE, December 07, 2007
Robot? Hm?
written by Rebekah, December 07, 2007
Would anyone have a specific website where this solar-powered robot thing type object might be purchased?
Where to buy it...
written by Sam, December 11, 2007 .... you can buy it here for 149.95. oof.... and it sounded like the PERFECT christmas present too... what a shame. :'(
written by andreea, April 23, 2008
How cool. I remember when I was a child i got my mother for Mothers Day a gift something like this. Hand made of course. She liked it so much that she make me eat a dozen cookies.
written by Living, January 23, 2009
Don't suppose you know what scale it is, do you?

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