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JUN 18

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"OK. So corn is a great hydrogen based source of energy and heat. It ..."

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PopSci: 10 Steps to End our Fossil Fuel Addiction

Popular Science is currently featuring the "10 steps to end America's fossil fuel addiction. "  Their steps make a lot of sense to me and they even quote Amory Lovins, sustainability guru, in their tenth step. 

So, here are the steps, the details are definitely worth a read:

1 Harness the viagra special delivery uk Wind
2 Make Power where we use Power
3 More Hybrids
4 Better Ethanol
5 More Solar
6 Use Hydrogen
7 Wave Power
8 Geothermal
9 Make gas from Trash
10 Use less energy

All together, an excellent article.  Nothing in it is cialis professional 20 mg controversial or new, but it's exciting to lowest levitra price see something so EcoGeek featured so prominently.
Possibly the most interesting thing about the article, though, is the excellent graphic by Nick Kaloterakis that shows a gas pump twisted into a light bulb.   Upon inspection, howver, it's quite obvious that this 3D model was originally a gas pump twisted into a noose, and it's just been very slightly reworked to look like a light bulb. 

I don't actually have permission to use these images, of course, please don't sue me. 
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hydrogen is not a fuel
written by a guest, June 20, 2006
Hydrogen is a battery. That's all.

I hope #10 is the most important.
but what fuel?
written by a guest, June 20, 2006
all the different ways of powering a car is nice, but they need to figure out which one is best or create an enginethat can burn more then one fuel simply for distibution sake, btw Diesel had build a dieselengine that could run on any vegetable oil was not only clean in emissions but actually was good for the environment. however no carmaker wanted to touch it because it wouldn't wear out.
Fair Use
written by a guest, June 27, 2006
Don't worry about the images, I think that would fall under "Fair Use" =P [I don't know though]

You're right about the excellent read.
Technology exists-lack of policy making!
written by a guest, July 03, 2006
As my title says....the technology is here and was a couple of years back. Of course, stronger now and you cna achieve a more energy sufficient environment. However, this is all due to politicians and policy makers that theya are "addicted" to the fossil fuel lobby.Remember they are elected with the viagra 30 mg help of the oil industry!at least in the US but also in otehr places, United Kingdom is another big example!

Even though US havent applied these new technologies to levitra 20 mg its energy policy, individual states, like california are adopting new , reneable forms of energy for their daily energy needs such as in cars, buildings, etc.

So it all comes to the power taht citizens can have upon theri goverment!
Tennessee corn stoves
written by a guest, July 12, 2006
The low cost local renewable fuel energy is whole kernel shelled corn. Rather than ethanol, methanol, or any liquid cousin Tennessee corn stoves run on local renewable 34% hydrogen ie solid ambient hydrogen encapsuled for safe clean healthy transport and storage as whole kernel shelled corn like what the horse eats and the local corn combine gathers. Is Hydrogen the perfect fuel? Why dare list ten options including hydrogen and we use it cialis online no prescription ignore to specify the local source for a perfect readily available local energy option.,,,
Is Hydrogen a fuel or a battery?
written by a guest, July 12, 2006
See a Tennessee corn stove in operation and remove all doubt.

A battery stores energy much like kernels of corn store energy.

A stove releases energy as heat much like corn stove combustion converts corn kernels into a blasting heater.

Don't judge the buy viagra germany canadian meds kernel without lending an ear.
Global WarNing
written by yellowcorvette4, August 13, 2008
Whole kernel shelled corn solves the global change issue. Corn converts CO2 to oxygen. Corn yields 34% hydrogen stored in a yellow cover on an ear covered with a shuck. Whole kernel shelled corn heats homes for $200 to $1000 per year depending on heating zone.
Global Energy prices continue to climb. A slight ratchet down put everyone back to sleep except those with limited budgets.
Corn grows fastest when CO2 levels are highest. This is nature's method of precisely controlling the oxygen content of air for humans to breathe.
As CO2 levels increase 1.4 ppmw/yr, corn yields have increasec accordingly from 15 bu/acre to over 300 bu/acre in my lifetime.
Soybean yield have increased likewise as CO2 levels increase.
written by Drew, April 08, 2009
Fossil fuel addiction. What about humans with drug addictions who need drug rehab ?
Corn for energy? Are you ready to cialis available in india utilize oil for human consumption?
written by TREVOR, September 22, 2009
OK. So corn is a great hydrogen based source of energy and heat. It provides a solid foundation to derive ethanol for gasoline type fuel. However most importantly, it provides a solid food source for millions of people. Look at the price of corn since the introduction of online viagra in australia mass ethanol production. Are we ready for $75 a bushel corn? We weren't even ready for $75 a barrell oil. Does ignorance feed the creative mind of America in a time when technology and development is being stolen by Asian countries? What are we to do when Iowa, who produces more corn in state than the entire country of Canada annually, has built enough ethanol plants to convert 120% of all of Iowa's corn? Well, perhaps we should prepare to consume oil if our food production is going to be used to fuel automobiles?

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