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DEC 05

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"Even better, maybe the panels can double as windmills so that you get ..."

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Billboard Also Power Plant

If only every power company was (forced to be) as progressive as PG&E. The billboard really is capped with solar panels, producing 3.4 kilowatts of electricity during the day. This is more than the billboard uses on a day-to-day basis, so it actually does feed power into the buy cialis online without a prescription grid.

Though, of course, it's negligible. But we can't help but love it anyway.

Via TreeHugger

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written by Audrey, December 05, 2007
What a perfect place to canadian pharmacy viagra legal put solar panels! Negligible... but wouldn't putting something like this on viagra for her a lot of billboards make a huge difference?
written by Cheezmeister, December 05, 2007
Normally I'm against "forcing" folks to do anything, it just might work in this situation. Even assuming the worst of the advertising companies, mandating that billboards produce their own power and top selling herbal viagra then some would a) make a dent in the power thirst or b) severely cut down the number of these monstrosities I have to stare at while I'm stuck in traffic. And this with minimal financial impact, coming voluntarily (technically) from the private sector.
written by Bob Wallace, December 06, 2007
Is this real or Photoshopped?

Can you imagine how much extra structure one would have to install to keep this thing upright in a stiff wind?

Something doesn't smell right to me....

(I've been out today building a 'wind wall' to shield my ground mounted panel racks. I lost a rack of panels in a good blow a couple of years ago.)
written by Dave, December 06, 2007
I think it's real. I don't think you'd need to add too much structure; most of California only has to worry about 90mph winds, I think. That's relatively easy to best price on cialis design for; it's only here on the Florida coast where it becomes hard. :)
kW or kWh
written by Bill Noto, December 06, 2007
I like it.

How many kWh / day?
written by Papa Hotel, December 07, 2007
This picture is art, not a photo. Here's what it really looks like; http://www.sanfranciscosentine...oard-5.jpg
written by celia, December 08, 2007
I think that all energy companies should be so innovative without being forced to. I'm always excited to see what companies come up with; utilities are not exempt. I've rarely seen anything fun and of new from the energy companies.
Space Panels for Wind Allowance?
written by Julie Rossberg, December 09, 2007
Could the viagra to sell panels be spaced or somehow channel the wind to avoid problems with this in areas where it would be a wise thing to hedge against?
wind power!
written by Michael, December 10, 2007
Even better, maybe the panels can double as windmills so that you get power for it as well!

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