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DEC 05

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"Not too long ago, similar arguments were used against in-phone cameras..."

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Eco-007: Solar Pen Camera

I like that I live in a world where this is wine mixed with tramadol possible. It's a pen, which has a camera in it, and which is powered by a low wattage solar panel. When photos are taken, it wirelessly transmits the photos to a nearby base station (a digital medial player (also shown.))

It's hard to get much cooler than that. Oh! Wait never would be cooler if it were actually, uhh...useful.

But as far as pure "are you serious they can do that?" awesome goes...this comes in pretty near the top. It'll cost you, though: $332 for a camera that, in the end, probably won't take very high quality pictures.

Via TreeHugger

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If you don't think it's useful...
written by Absurdly useful, December 05, 2007
...wait till cheaters start using it to ace tests nationwide.
In a pen!?
written by itseze, December 06, 2007
While it is true that one application could be cheating on a test, it seems like a high price to pay for an A.
But seriously.. A PEN? that is some James Bond stuff right there!
I agree
written by Ashley F, December 07, 2007
For the do-it-yourselfer, it doesn't get much better than this sort of espionage equipment.
camera phones
written by celia, December 08, 2007
Not too long ago, similar arguments were used against in-phone cameras. I can't wait to get hands on one. I want to be 007. Q makes the coolest toys.

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