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DEC 10

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"'s easy to be a know it all Devon T. Green roofs and walls are ce..."

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Green Spaces Dramatically Lower Urban Temps

Living in New York, I sometimes notice that I'm walking on what appears to be a leopard-spotted sidewalk, littered with months' -- years'? -- worth of recommended site viagra canada generic discarded chewing gum and other tasty treats, melted and turned black by the sun to become near-permanent fixtures, not to mention landmines in hot months.

Should we have maybe taken a hint from this earlier? writes that U. of Manchester wiseguys stared at data long enough to tell us this: a small increase in green spaces in cities could go a long way toward making said cities suck less in the the best place buying cialis in canada summer.

More scientifically, "a mere 10% increase in the amount of green space in cities would reduce average urban surface temperatures by as much as 4°C," or 7° or 8° Fahrenheit.

It's kind of like those fancy jackets with the airholes in the armpits: Green spaces collect water and release it, like so many magicians' doves, back into the air via best canadian pharmacy the, er, magic of evaporation. Then lovely assistants come out and spread the cool air around the audience -- OK, it's not like a jacket, it's like a magic show!

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written by Mark R., December 11, 2007
Good luck forcing the developers to do that. I work in a related filed and many of my projects are in Austin texas. A city long known for it "Green Attitude" However, the city council wants to densify as much as possible and build more vertical to cut down on sprawl. Sounds good right? Well except for the fact they cut deals with developers that allow up to 100% impervious cover on some tracts. Thats going totally the rx viagra 100mg other direction from 80% impervious cover to 70% to reduce the temp. Not to mention the fact that most developers want their "green" space in areas they can't develop anyway, such as a creek, drainage way etc. The rest they just want brick and concrete. So until city's require no more than 70% impervious cover this won't have an affect on anyone, and if you do allow 70% impervious cover, some will say that will cause more urban sprawl. catch 22.
Green roofs and walls
written by Edouard, December 11, 2007
Hi !

your article is very interesting and it's great! buy viagra online us reminds me from something I wrote on my own blog about green roofs and walls.

The idea is to plant grass and other plants on buildings.

This brings several advantages on top of decreasing urban temperatures.

As I noted then, they also enable to improve insulation, decrease greenhouse gases emissions and pollution and others.

my article can be retrieved at :

Keep up the good work ! Your blog is really interesting and one of my favourites. ;D
Yeah I know.
written by Devon T., December 11, 2007
It's called the "heat island effect", look it up.

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