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Greener Gadgets: In NYC February 1st

Greener Gadgets Conference!  Holy Carp that sounds amazing! I love that they recognize that gadgets aren't on their own, ever going to really be green...but they can be greener, and that is exciting.

The folks at Inhabitat have joined up with a few blogs you may have heard of (Engadget sound familiar) including EcoGeek and their going to bring speakers, industry specialists, designers, journalists, businessleaders and entrepreneurs all into the McGraw Conference Center in New York City.

Speakers include the head of EPEAT, the chief technology officer of the tramadol 200 mg tablets One Laptop Per Child Project and the director of environmental affairs at Nokia. It's going to be fantastic, and EcoGeek will definitely be there bringing you the Greener Gadget news.


Are you an EcoGeek?

We've got to keep 7 billion people happy without destroying our planet. It's the biggest challenge we've ever faced....but we're taking it on. Are you with us?

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