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DEC 12

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"My only issue with this survey is that its premise perpetuates the myt..."

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Electronics Shoppers Care!

Would you be willing to pay extra for your electronics if you knew it somehow was environmentally responsible? I would and viagra online fedex overnight shipping so apparently would some 12 percent of U.S. adults. This is according to new data from Forrester Research.

The research firm recently conducted a survey of 5,000 Americans in which it examined their green electronics shopping habits. It found some 25 million of us would be willing to "pay extra for consumer electronics that use less energy or come from a company that is generic viagra usa environmentally friendly." Three segments of American consumers apparently appeared from this survey: the 12 percent which would strongly put their money where their mouth is when it comes to green and electronics, 41 percent who would say they worry about environmental issues but aren't as fanatic about paying extra for green and another 47 percent which don't really seem to worry about this as an issue.

Forrester also took a look at which leading consumer electronics brands have shoppers in the high green category. Apple topped this list at 17 percent, followed by HP's Compaq brand. These manufacturers and others, added the research firm, will, moving forward, "change product marketing and product design to embrace green principles like energy efficiency, lower-impact manufacturing, longer product life cycles, and recycleability." This can perhaps be accounted for by the usefull link where to buy viagra fact that the 17 percent group is expected to best cialis price grow as a target segment.

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written by Beth, December 12, 2007
I am glad to see that you referenced this research about the higher ranked green companies because I was upset to see that your website was referenced saying that the Wii is most green efficient. I was set back because i also saw this green-o-meter that ranked green companies and I remember being struck that Nintendo was indeed in the bottom few. then to see on Yahoo1's green shopping list that your website was the source for their information and the Wii being energy efficient seemed incongruent. The product itself may have benifits to the consumer's green intake but i am not sure the purchase of this product is greenly-economical.
Where to shop for green electronics
written by JohnnyGreen, December 13, 2007
My only issue with this survey is that its premise perpetuates the myth that green electronics are more expensive. This is inacccurate. Green Electronics and Green Computers don't cost any more than 'non-green' ones. In fact they cost less when you also consider the best price for levitra money saved from energy efficiency, longer product life and best price for generic cialis trade-up incentives provided by manufacturers for responsibly recycling it at its end of life.

A great site to go to to shop for green electronics and computers is


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