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DEC 23

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"Nice post! Alternative drives should role the world as soon as possibl..."

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SkySails Bringing Wind Power Back to Shipping!

SkySails seeks to adapt advances in kite design and get levitra online understanding to the merchant marine (and luxury yacht) fleets. As per SkySails founder, Stephan Wrage, "I thought the enormous power in kites could somehow be utilised."

The initial actual cargo ship, the 9,775 ton Beluga SkySails, is about to go on its maiden voyage. This looks real although this is been a long anticipated event. (It had been scheduled to launch this past summer.) The claimed expectation is that the system should cut fuel costs by 10-15 percent. The cost for that fuel efficiency: between $700,000-$3.5 million of canadianpharmacy capital investment per ship.

As per the SkySails site,

SkySails are wind propulsion systems for modern shipping. By using a SkySails system ship operation will become more profitable, safer and independent of declining oil reserves.


The planned product range contains towing kite propulsion systems with a nominal propulsion power of up to 5,000 kW (about 6,800 HP). On annual average fuel costs can be lowered between 10-35% depending on actual wind conditions and actual time deployed. Under optimal wind conditions, fuel consumptions can temporarily be reduced up to 50%.


At the current oil price a SkySails propulsion creates approx. just 1/3 of the cost of a conventional ship diesel.

The SkySail will go up to 300 meters above the ship to capture the visit our site buy viagra on line stronger winds at altitude. This first kite is 160 square meters. The next two, for deployment on new Beluga ships in 2009, will be double that size (320 square meters), and the next generation will be 600 meters.

This could decrease costs (and emissions) dramatically, maybe to the tune of over 50 percent of the ships fuel requirements.

The company has three firm orders in hand, but they have an an ambitious target: 1500 vessels equipped by 2015.

And, well, this is not just for the merchant marine. They are seeking to satisfy the luxury market as well.

With SkySails there is no compromise regarding comfort: Motor yachts provide spaciousness and speed while sailing yachts offer emission- and vibration-free enjoyment. Cruising at sea is viagra purchase significantly more comfortable on a sailing yacht, but this is achieved with a disturbing inclined position.


The fully automated SkySails-System combines the advantages of both worlds effortlessly: On a yacht fitted with a SkySails you can glide soundlessly in motor yacht comfort.

Greater comfort with reduced fossil fuel usage.

Price tag for impact?

The Beluga SkySails sail: 500,000 Euros (roughly $725k). The expectation: fuel savings of order cheap cialis up to $1600 per day and a 10-20 percent cut in carbon emissions.

Another perspective

From over at Worldchanging, Jamais Cascio had this perspective on SkySails awhile ago:

While there is something superficially absurd about massive cargo ships being pulled along by kites, upon reflection the only best offers cialis alternative notion makes sense. It's a novel form of "hybrid" power, taking advantage of strengths of diverse propulsion systems: the consistency of diesel engines and the free availability and startling strength of wind power. While SkySails still needs to viagra from mexico demonstrate that their system works as claimed, we will undoubtedly see more of these "situational hybrid" power generation systems in years to come.

Absurd ... maybe not. But "situational hybrid" provides a good phrase for considering the mixing and matching of cheap quality cialis traditional engine and far more traditional sail for a 21st century solution to moving goods and people around the world.

Skysails and Global Warming ...

To be clear, 10-15% improvement won't solve the maritime GHG contributions challenge, but it would represent a start at turning the situation around.


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wind better than biofuel!
written by Derek Wall, December 26, 2007
Nice to read this good news but don't fall for the con which is biofuel propelled boats.

EarthRace which is currently sailing around the world is an example of how environmental rhetoric hides a far from environmental reality
The race website proclaims that the boat is "racing round the world for a better planet" and that "with its net zero-carbon footprint" it will "increase awareness of the environment and the sustainable use of resources."

Two of the sponsors of the record attempt, Caro Diesel and Fortrek, are strong promoters of palmoil-sourced biofuel, with both companies having operations and links in Malaysia and Indonesia - the world's leading producers of very good site cheap viagra generic palm oil, a well known environmentally-destructive crop. The Indonesian Government in particular has been pushing palm oil plantations for years, with little or no control or concern over environmental degredation. In 1997/98, so much forest was cut down there to make new plantations that the resulting burn-offs affected the whole SE Asia region. The released CO2 estimates of this environmental disaster have been calculated as 40% of the worlds total CO2 output for the period from burning fossil fuels. Likewise, Indigenous peoples have been forcibly removed from their land throughout SE Asia to make room for this latest oil industry craze

more from my blog here http://another-green-world.blo...tmare.html
Good point ...
written by ASiege, December 26, 2007

Excellent post re the EarthRace.

My perspective: BioFuels (BioDiesel) are not a silver bullet but perhaps a silver BB that will turn into fool's gold if pursued too aggressively. The risk due to where can i buy real viagra deforestration, water pollution, water constraints, nutrition, etc are so serious that we (the Globe) should be far more cautious in the pursuit of biofuels than what is going on.
written by Terapia alternativa, December 27, 2007
That rocks!
I think this will be revolutionary
written by Hope, December 31, 2007
To use the power of high winds:

I'm surprised that you didn't do an article about that yet.

great idea
written by Tim, March 16, 2008
This is a great idea that could really make a difference. I was doing some research and came across this gCaptian post

Looks like sials aren't the only technology being considered... they do seem like the most practical though.
Finally back to the nature
written by Dejan, October 30, 2008
That is something that sea transport really needed. When using this kites, fuel consumption lows down.
I think that usability of that kits depends on wind direction and the direction of the ship.
I am sure that conventional and alternative drives must supplement...not only wind, but also solar cells and other alternative drives...

Finally back to the nature
written by Dejan, October 30, 2008
Nice post! Alternative drives should role the world as soon as possible...
Wind and solar energy is cheapest generic viagra the purest alternative enery...
See something about solar ships as well on:

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