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DEC 27

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"Aside for the temperature concern, this is a great idea. Too many peop..."

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Solar Table Gets Your Butt Out of the tramadol earnestly online House

Outdoor furniture is always outside, so why not put some solar panels on them? Sun Table has created a table with a solar panel tabletop to discount generic viagra soft tabs be used outdoors. It charges in 3 hours and provides 13 amp hours at 12 volts, running "a laptop for over 3 hours or a TV for 4 hours."

Devang A. Shah, one of the table designers, stated, "A product that pushes people to spend more time outdoors will be beneficial for humanity. Let's get rooted in nature again, even if it's in a 21st century kind of way."

I'm not so sure about "getting rooted in nature" while on the Internet or watching TV, but I do like the free electricity.

The stainless steel table uses a NiMH battery and doesn't have any other toxic materials in its construction. Priced at $3,600, it's a bit out of reach, but if you want one, you can pre-order them at the Sun Table website.

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written by stands2reason, December 27, 2007
$3,600? How about some nanosolar. BTW, that Mac might get melted, those cells look awfully hot...
1 hot table!
written by Mark R., December 28, 2007
my question as well. when its 105deg F here in Texas and that table is sitting in the full sun That would be one hot table that I wouldn't want to be anywhere near, unless I'm using it to fry some eggs and ham.
written by Sharkles, December 28, 2007
Aside for the temperature concern, this is a great idea. Too many people spend all of their time inside because they don't want to leave their television or computer. Even though this table would allow them to be connected to these things, at least they would be outside "getting the stink blown off of them" (to quote my grandmother, haha) :P

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