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JAN 03

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30% of Japanese Houses to Have Solar Panels

As part of a national program to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Japanese officials want 30% of residential households to be powered (at least in part) with solar energy by 2030. Fourteen million households will need to buy viagra australia be fitted with solar panels to reach this target – a potentially heroic increase from the current 400,000 homes that have panels today.

Although Japan (mainly Sharp) produces half of the solar modules in the world, the equipment has been out of reach for the generic viagra in canada average household, costing up to two million yen ($18,000) for a family of four to go solar. The government is proposing to fund a research institute in 2008 - to the shamisen tune of 2 billion yen ($18M) - which they hope will decrease the cost of the technology by increasing its efficiency and buy viagra from canada reducing its generation costs.

Via The Japan Times

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written by stands2reason, January 05, 2008
Nanosolar ftw!
written by Russell Reynolds, July 02, 2008

Nanosolar FTW 1 thumbs up

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