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JAN 22

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";D I already think the prius is awesome now this just blows me away. T..."

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Toyota Pledges Plug-in Prius for 2010

Toyota's shaking things up a bit in the plug-in hybrid race. Only a week ago, GM seemed certain that they'd have the first plug-in vehicle from a major manufacturer. But then Toyota busts out with the canadian generic cialis online news that, even after saying that we were going to look there viagra online pharmacy no prescription be waiting more than three years, they'll be producing plug-in Priuses in 2010.

Unfortunately, they won't be selling them to consumers. Toyota says that they aren't sure if average folks are up for the extra cost and responsibility that comes along with PHEVs, so they'll only be selling to governments and corporations for the first year.

So it looks like the Saturn Vue PHEV is going to beat the Prius PHEV to market...but not by much. Any hiccup at GM, and Toyota could win the second round in the vehicle efficiency arms race.

Of course, Toyota maintains that range-extended electric vehicles (REEVs) will never be technologically or financially viable. At the same time, GM is betting heavily on its REEV, the Chevy Volt, which they want available in 2010 as well.

In any case, it looks like 2010 is shaping up to be a big year for automotive technology. Let's hope everyone can live up to their promises.


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Retrofit your Prius
written by Katie, January 22, 2008
If you already own a Prius, you may want to look into getting it retrofitted. There is a company in California that takes Hybrid Prius's and turns them into electric-only cars. More info:
Amazing Eco Car
written by Claire Berry, October 23, 2009
smilies/grin.gif I already think the prius is awesome now this just blows me away. The new technolgy is brilliant thanks a ton HONDA

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