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JAN 24

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"As a fellow ecogeek living in NYC, I was very excited to hear this was..."

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A Bit More on cialis woman the Upcoming Greener Gadgets Conference

It's so close we can almost taste all of those solar-powered, ultra-efficient, RoHS-compliant goodies. The Greener Gadgets Conference is coming up on February 1st, and (though I won't be able to be there) Shea Gunther will be covering the conference for EcoGeek.

Other good news? Why, yes there is. We've just been informed that EcoGeek readers are eligable for a 25% discount on registration fees. Simply go to the registration page and use the coupon code, ECOGEEK25Discount, and save some cash.

We also completely neglected to tell everyone about the $2,500 grand prize Green Design competition. From Core77:

Core77 is inviting designers to explore the concept of "Greener Gadgets." Designs should seek to minimize the environmental impact of consumer electronic devices at any stage in the product lifecycle. Areas of cialis germany sustainability to consider include:

1. Energy
2. Materials / Lifecycle / Recycling
3. Social & educational development

Participants are encouraged to consider their designs as part of the entire product ecosystem, and should think as holistically as possible. Designers may choose to focus their entries on a particular area of human enterprise (learning, playing, communicating, etc.), or a particular context (work, home, school, etc.), a particular material, or a specific device. Entries may also seek to create new paradigms for products and services.

We look forward to hearing reports from the conference. If there were any way I could make it myself, you know I'd be there. But have a great time, and change

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Zero impact
written by Karsten, January 25, 2008
Don't design gadgets, don't go travel to the conference.

Zero Energy used. Materials/Life Cycle/ Recycling Analysis results in the best possible situation (=zero impact on the environment). The message that buying only what you need (rather than what you want) and only what you can keep for the only here online cialis cheap rest of your life (rather than throw away when it becomes obsolete by design) has dramatic impact.

Do I win the prize?

Practical Advice to Pollute Less
I'm excited.
written by Carl Foner, January 28, 2008
As a fellow ecogeek living in NYC, I was very excited to hear this was happening. I'll be there too. I've been following developments from OLPC and EPEAT, and I'll be very interested to hear what their representatives, as well as everyone else, has to say.

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