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JAN 25

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"Saving the the best place canadian rx viagra environment but not saving your ears. I can't imagine these..."

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iPod Case Re-Used for iPod Speakers

While we debate the greening of Apple's products, Bird Electron has created some speakers that bring some green to, at least, the Apple packaging. Using the plastic box that iPod Shuffles come with, you attach the speakers to the back, creating a speaker box. Then simply plug in the supplied cord to your Shuffle and online viagra fast the speakers and you have a set of new speakers.

The speakers retail for $40 and work for the best price viagra in stores 1st/2nd gen. iPod Nano and 2nd/3rd gen. iPod Shuffle plastic cases. I just hope that iPod owners kept their boxes and didn't recycle them quite yet.

Via Gizmodo

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Stop whining about Apple
written by chris, January 25, 2008
I have used apple since 1989 and in that time I have on average used a computer for 3-4 YEARS before having to upgrade or replace. The average PC lasts 6-8 MONTHS so which product is greener. I am still going to need a computer to do wow look it viagra professional no prescription my job so you decide which is better 1 Mac or 6-8 PCs. Yes we need to work on being greener but there is a reality out there that we have created a society that requires the use of technology. Until that changes and we all go back to a simpler life style/agrarian society the tech is recommended site levitra cheapest here to stay.
written by Jan, January 25, 2008
I don't believe that we are going back to Agrian society xD it would be simply stupid now that we have gained such much knowledge. In some point our technology starts to serve us and our planet instead of us serving it. I think that especially bio-technology can change the world by providing new platforms for computing and also totally green technology.
written by Magnulus, January 26, 2008
Chris, I don't know where you get your numbers from, but I really doubt a PC lasts on only for you buy generic viagra online average 6-8 months. Enthusiasts tend to cialis super active upgrade PARTS of their computer about that often, or maybe a little more frequently in the extreme cases, but it doesn't add up to an entirely new set-up more than about every other year or so. And even then, they usually keep the case for it. Most users, however, don't change the individual parts, and these are also the users who don't change more than every three or four years, just like you.

Now, I'm a Mac user myself, and the one thing that annoys me about my iMac is that I HAVE to "throw away" an entire computer when I want to upgrade. I can't just buy a new graphics card.

That having been said, I seriously doubt the longevity and generic viagra samples quality of those speakers.
About this article
written by Karsten, January 28, 2008
Although I find the wow look it cialis uk non-use of gadgets like this much more admirable, reusing (or incorporating) another previously to be thrown away item in your product is a good idea to avoid waste.

Obviously, the I-pod package may change and then adjustments have to be made, but this is (or may be) a step in the right direction if they last.

The whole thing could be just another gadget. This time making you (and me) believe that there are "green" solutions in this particular industry.

I guess Apple did not make those boxes that nice (and strong) so that they can be reused. They just thought of the styling statement. It adds value to the product even if it is a waste of resources and energy. It will be a while before this changes.

Practical Advice to female herbal levitra Pollute Less
$40 - who are they kidding?
written by Virgil, January 28, 2008
So they want $40 for some re-claimed headphone speakers and a bit of wire. Well, if anyone is stupid enough to pony up for this, pollution is not the largest of their problems.

Re: the post on PCs lasting 8 months - this is being written on a 4 year old laptop that is still going strong. I have a mac powerbook (the original model with the trackball) in the attic that died after 2 years and they wanted $200 for a new power supply to fix it. Everything has built in obsolescence, but at least with PCs some of the parts can find a life as new machines.
written by Affiliate Marketing Guru, January 28, 2008
It look pretty cool and a nice idea but not a viable marketing option in my opinion. I don't think people will fork out the dough for something like that. Maybe they should put it in the Skymall magazine.
I agree !
written by Impotence Male, January 28, 2008
I bet they sell alot more if it was in that Skymall magazine. People buy all kinds of things they don't need when they are bored on a plane.
written by Free iPod Touch, February 26, 2008
Saving the environment but not saving your ears. I can't imagine these speakers give great sound.

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