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"I have to good choice cost of viagra agree that Mary Lou Jepsen was amazing. Very honest, very op..."

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Greener Gadgets Conference Rocks!

The Greener Gadgets Conference is underway in NYC and so far we're hearing good things. If you, like me, are 100% EcoGeek but couldn't make it to the wow it's great viagra and canada custom conference, you can keep tabs on the liveblog at

Everything from consumer electronics executives to artists have been making their presence known at the conference and cialis doses we're very excited that EcoGeek will be bringing you exclusive stories from the conference. So keep your eyes open.


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written by david, February 02, 2008
Are you kidding? I was there... it was the most expensive 9 hours of corporate rhetoric I've ever had to experience. Virtually no useful information was spoken and the majority of time was wasted on HP, sony, Philips, etc talking about how great their marginal green initiatives are. The only person speaking openly and honestly was Mary Lou Jepsen of OLPC (who almost made the conference worthwhile). Next time the canadian pharmacy levitra organizers should make more of an effort to find panelists that might actually question some of the greenwashing coming from the corporations.

Cheers to Mary Lou Jepsen
written by elizabeth, February 02, 2008
Mary Lou Jepsen made this well worth the train ride. Her OLPC project really made an impression and hopefully her PixelQi initiative will help inject her thinking upon others. As far as comment about HP, Sony, Philips etc I do have to agree that they spent quite a bit of viagra profesional time not impressing me. But it was difficult to i recommend levitra profesional be impressed by anything after Mary Lou's talk. I was really disappointed they shrugged off the comment about leasing and starting initiatives to be able to lease computers, cell phones, tv's etc instead of buying them. The comment was quickly put away and dismissed with a "consumers want to own things" I don't happen to agree with that. I'd give anything not to own half this crap in my house. And the Sony take back program seems flawed in making consumers drive 20 minutes to a drop off location. Why not connect with the retailer instead? Drop off new crap/ pick up old crap in the newly emptied truck and take that to viagra samples the drop off location? It seems there was lack of confidence in the consumer but at the same time they were asking things of the consumer that are not possible for everyone and lowest propecia price setting the the best site cheap cialis without prescription consumer up as the one to blame when it fails. If someone goes to buy a tv, they probably have a way of getting it home -- if they can get a couple bucks off by bringing in their old one, maybe they will? Like a bottle deposit. There are a lot of ways to look at this conference, and I can't say it wasn't depressing to some extent, but I loved some of the ideas I was hearing and that made it so worth the trip.
Link to an interview
written by elizabeth, February 02, 2008
Here is a link to an interview with Mary Lou if you are interested.
I think it was a good conference
written by Carl Foner, February 03, 2008
I have to agree that Mary Lou Jepsen was amazing. Very honest, very open, very informative, and very inspiring.

There was a lot of info from corporate reps. Some of it was not very interesting, but some of it was. David Conrad from Nokia seemed very straightforward and honest. One good thing he mentioned was the idea of cialis prescription label standardizing plugs for cell phones, and possibly selling a cell phone without a charger. Daniel Porras from Solio also brought this up. Think of the waste we could avoid if cell phones could all use the same charger, and you only had to buy one once, not each time you got a new device.

As far as the comment about leasing, I think what they were saying was that a lot of consumers just haven't thought about it, so it's hard to american levitra professional sell them on it.

The question I have about leasing is whether or not it actually speeds up people getting rid of devices. It seems like it would definitely help with recovery rates, but if they know they're just going to get a new device anyway, does that encourage people to get rid of devices prematurely? Does that actually accelerate the problem? I don't have any numbers one way or the other, but I think it's worth looking into. Has anyone done any research on this?

Also of interest, during the energy efficiency panel, someone asked Allyson Klein from Intel about when they would integrate the technology that Mary Lou Jepsen was working on sale cialis into their processors. Mary Lou Jepsen was there and contributed to the discussion. She said she would be happy to talk to her, and it sounds like they might actually do so.

That technology is groundbreaking. Wouldn't it be great if Intel could integrate it into their processors? Would they ever have had a chance to talk to each other if it weren't for this conference? Maybe, maybe not.

But I think that's one of the other great things about this conference. There was a great diversity of people at the conference. There were corporate reps, designers, engineers, artists, and all sorts of other people. This conference provided a place for them to meet and exchange ideas in ways that might never have happened otherwise.

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