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FEB 08

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"the aviation industry anticipates that air traffic demand will DOUBLE ..."

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EU Spending $2.5B to make Flight Green

An airplane running on hydrogen or cellulosic ethanol? The idea may seem sound outlandish, but if properly designed, the resulting less polluting, quieter planes seem a very attractive proposition. The European Union agrees, and is partnering with the European aerospace industry to provide a 1.6B euro ($2.4BUSD) research project grant to explore innovative technologies, including alternative fuel aircraft. The project is dubbed the “Clean Sky” project. The EU will provide 800 million euros from its 2007-2013 budget, and the industry is putting up an equivalent figure.

Participating aerospace firms are agreeing to share their research, which should create a valuable exchange of innovative solutions. Among the ideas being explored are engines that use alternative fuels and legal pharmacy online more efficient engines to conserve fuel. Also being explored are technologies to make aircraft less noisy. This both helps to reduce noise pollution around airports, a frequent urban problem, and provides passengers with a quieter, more relaxing ride.

Marc Vantre, CEO of French conglomerate Safran's aerospace propulsion division, highlighted the key metrics in an address to reporters, stating, “There are three main objectives: the reduction by 50 percent of carbon dioxide, halving the level of noise and reducing by 80 percent the generic levitra cheap level of nitrogen oxide emissions.”

A total of 16 of the European Union's member nations have non-government entities participating in the project, with 54 industries, 15 research centers, and 17 universities from these nations onboard.

Saab's aircraft division is among the investors. Ake Svensson, CEO of the Swedish company states, “So far we are allocating about 150 million Swedish crowns ($23.67 million) for taking part in two programs, the smart fixed wing initiative and green operations, where it's not only about what you fly but how you fly.”

A provisional executive committee will determine how patents and technologies developed in the Clean Sky project are shared among companies. The move is fueled in solid economics as many of the technologies discovered are expected to generic viagra from canada online bring large cost savings to the airline industry by improving fuel economy. The EU sees the program as essential to remaining competitive with the U.S., which launched a similar aeronautics research and development policy in 2006.

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total carbon intensity
written by Daniel Bell, February 08, 2008
they better better be careful what kind of feedstocks they use for their biofuels, new reports http://carbonsnumber.blogspot....arbon.html indicate that biofuel produced on croplands might be 93 times more carbon intensive.
written by EV, February 08, 2008
Anyone know how they would run a plane on hydrogen? Other than just turning the it into a rocket plane as opposed to a jet plane?

Also, could the possibly make planes more fuel efficient by allowing supersonic airtravel instead of viagra without prescription us pharmacy keeping the top speed below mach 1?
Here is an industry with a serious self
written by Alex, February 11, 2008
The air travel industry is an industry with a serious self interest in "green." Consumers have been ignoring fuel efficient cars in favor of cars with more power until very recently, so the auto makers have largely responded to consumer demand, and our car efficiency standards have decreased.

Airlines however, don't need to prove anything on online viagra uk a freeway, but they spend billions on fuel. If they can get a plane that is just 5% more fuel efficient, 5% of a billion is some serious pocket change. Just in the past few years Boeing has been kicking Airbus ass, just because their planes are more efficient, and that positively impacts the bottom line of carriers.
written by campbell, March 12, 2008
the aviation industry anticipates that air traffic demand will DOUBLE within 20 years. There is no way for mere improvements in fuel technologies to keep up with that demand; save 10% on fuels, but it's offset by an increase of traffic. the end result is a loss.

however,consider: airplanes are made of aluminum and carbon increasing the diameter of the fuselage by many, many, many, many then end up with an "airplane" which can hold enough helium to tramadol 500mg keep it then becomes an AIRSHIP....which can operate from any location (no need to destroy terrestrial environments expand/build airport runways)...and most significantly, becomes an aircraft that can carry enough photovoltaic materials to become totaly SOLAR POWERED. that is the true future of flight.

Darrell Campbell

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