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Greenpeace's EfficienCity Shows the Flash Form

Every once in a while it's nice to pretend. Personally, I'm still a huge fan of building fake cities in Maxis games and making everything as beautiful and sustainable as possible. But Greenpeace has done me one better, in their marvelous Flash Application: The EfficienCity.

Take a tour of what a real sustainable city would look like, complete with wave power, combined heat and power plants, high speed rail, and (if you look really closely) Smart Cars.

The city gives you information on all of these beautiful sustainable aspects of generic cialis india itself. You can zoom into the city and learn about wind power, small-geothermal power, bio-gas, solar, wave, wind, and tidal power. The amount of informating hiding in this little city is staggering.

If you want to 50 mg tramadol give yourself a little tour of what it is to be an EcoGeeky city, this is levitra best price a great place to start. But don't dive in if you don't have a few minutes to spare. It'll suck you in.

Via Greenpeace

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written by Deden, February 12, 2008
wow .. that's good. That would be a dream city. I wonder that model will be my future city.
More on CHP!
written by miggs, February 12, 2008
I'm glad Greenpeace has done this, especially with the attention paid to combined heat & power (CHP) plants. That's really the key, here, because 69% of U.S. greenhouse emissions come from the production of electricity and heat. Eco-friendly buildings and fuel-efficient cars are important, but in terms of mitigating global warming, they pale in comparison to what CHP and other forms of energy recycling can do. Hopefully Greenpeace will start giving more attention in general to buy ultram online cheap this technology.
written by Jerome, February 14, 2008
SimCity was one of my favorite games when I was in high school. I have visited the viagra soft generic Flash Application. I think it's fun and gives more knowledge about environmental oriented technology. Thanks for the info.
written by Sheff, July 11, 2008
I like this flash application. thanks

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