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Finally, a USPS-Approved Reusable Enveolope

If you get a package from me, it frequently comes covered in packing tape and buy levitra low price blackened by a whole pen's worth of black Sharpie. It's always just seemed like such a huge waste that we generally destroy envelopes as soon as they arrive at their destination.

Already, NetFlix has started to overcome this problem with their durable, reusable, proprietary mailers. But, thus far, reusable mailers have been unavailable to the majority of buy viagra online cheap businesses and individuals alike. Now, EcoEnvelopes has taken a good design, mixed with a couple rounds of funding, and they're turning it into the first reusable envelope, sanctioned by the USPS and readily available for use by businesses.

Eliminating return envelopes saves energy, water, and forest resources and reduces the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Every one million ecoEnvelopes used saves an estimated 250 million BTUs of energy and 37,000 pounds of greenhouse gasses. All ecoEnvelopes are manufactured on certified papers from managed forests using up to 100% recycled content.

By using these mailers, instead of including return envelopes, businesses can reduce their costs up to 45% and increase response to viagra how much direct mail up to 8%. This seems like a natural fit for environmental non-profits, who are often criticized for wasting paper during fund raising.

Of course, the mailers are only good for two uses, they aren't perpetually reusable. But halving the number of envelopes we need in this country is certainly a good first step.

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written by Reese, February 20, 2008
That's a really good idea. It has always seemed like a waste to me, as well.
written by Bryan A. McCarty, February 20, 2008
This is a great first step... but it is just that, a first step. Eventually, it would be nice to have 100% reusablility!!! Thanks for the info.. good post!
written by N. & J., February 20, 2008
I'm glad that businesses are making steps in the right direction. My fiance and I reuse boxes (including making our own smaller boxes out of a larger one) but never thought to reuse an envelope. The nice thing about the advent of online paying means we don't get a lot of india cheap viagra these anymore.
how many?
written by def, February 21, 2008
How many times would suffice to qualify as 100% re-usable?
Great Idea
written by weee recycling, February 21, 2008
I hope they market them in the UK as well. It would only take a few green minded Ebay suppliers to start shipping stuff out in them and they'll take off virally...
written by Susan, February 22, 2008
What a fine idea! :)
written by John, February 22, 2008
:) Def. a brilliant idea. More people should be doing thins like this for our planet. ;D
so do best viagra they recylce after 2 uses?
written by metis, February 22, 2008
it's a great step, but if it doesn't go in with paper or plastic recyclables, it's just creating more waste where we have a recyclable option.
written by Steve Barker, February 24, 2008
Several years ago I bought a couple of hundred envelopes from the UK Green Party which have three address areas, like internal envelopes - you jus cross out the last address, and fill in the next box (and put a nother stamp on of course). I think they are great, but, I send so little snail mail now that I'll still be using them in 10 years time!
written by, May 22, 2008
:D Great sites -


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