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JUL 18

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"That's crazy looking... we actually just featured top 9 most unusual g..."

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Top 10 Solar Gadgets

sunflowerWe can't seem to get off this solar-power kick.  It's getting cheaper and wow look it daily viagra (after thirty years of work) it's going mainstream.  TechEBlog recently chronicled a bit of this explosion of solar gadgetry with their "Top 10 Strangest Solar Gadgets."  Largely, these things are pretty useless, (a helicopter who's propellers spin slowly in the sun tops out the list.)  But the solar powered, hat-mounted, mini-fan looks like it could come in handy.  Also on the list: MP3 Player, rain gauge, and a gadget charging purse. 

Pictured to the right is use cialis the SunFlower Solar Power Station, probably the coolest thing on the list.  The rotatable solar panel catches light from the window during the day and uses it to online generic cialis 100 mg power the look here levitra overnight on board music system and the three standard American electrical sockets in the base.  If not all of the energy is used, it can be stored in the internal rechargeable batteries.  Of course, this thing is a long way from your local Best Buy, probably close to 20 years away. 

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What will really be cool...
written by a guest, July 19, 2006
Is when they put this device on a rotating base, that automatically adjusts itself for sunlight by using sensors. Probably this would be really expensive at the moment, but the future is closer than you think.
written by a guest, July 19, 2006
I beleive it does that already.

And it wouldn't be expensive at all to implement. In fact I saw a project just like this on instructables. I would link to it but there's something wrong with my connection
written by a guest, July 19, 2006
This is supposed to be an indoor device so it doesn't have to have an automatically rotating head, you just point it at the window where the sun comes in. No need for solar tracking.
written by Bart, November 03, 2006
That's crazy looking... we actually just featured top 9 most unusual gadets

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