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MAR 07

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"Hi.Is it possible to print a solar cell(thin film)with a home-based pr..."

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Inkjet Printer Churns Out Cheap Plastic Solar Ribbons

We've already discussed Nanosolar's reel-to-reel solar press in some detail, but they're not the only ones working on solar printing. Indeed, Konarka has taken the where to buy cialis process to a whole new level of simplicity by actually using an inkjet printer.

Using the existing technology like this allows for a significant reduction in costs, because the company doesn't have to invest in developing a whole new system. Of course, it's also bound to be slightly less perfect than if a printer were designed specifically for the cells. Nonetheless, these sheets of plastic film are flexible and cost of propecia inexpensive to levitra getting produce.

Konarka expects to see uses for them in the same arena where they've already been successful -- mostly powering indoor sensors. But they also hope to use the new low-cost process to broaden their applications. They're already in talks with the people who run the LEED efficiency rating system about full panels for using in buildings.

Because the film is cialis pharmacy cheap, can convert non-direct light, and is flexible, applications are varied. Konarka's CEO told Popular Mechanics that they "constantly receive calls from innovators who have read about the cells and propose unique—sometimes wild and crazy—concepts for the technology."

We should see these printed plastic panels showing up in panels on rooftops in 2009, and by 2010, they may be available for purchase off the shelf at Home Depot.

Via Popular Mechanics

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written by Rob, March 07, 2008
This sort of thing ought to be perfect for the rigid body airships we so love on this blog (assuming that the efficiency is high enough). One would have thought that it might be possible to print solar cells directly onto the hull of the vessel, thereby providing solar power with no real weight gain.
written by Allie, March 08, 2008
That's absolutely amazing! It's exciting to think consumers may get to take advantage of this so soon!
I want to cost of viagra do that!
written by Magi-Jedi Grandma, March 29, 2008
SO I have a printer, can you just put it on the propecia online site and we can download it?
written by Da Man, May 01, 2008
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This is so sweet, w8 so can we just print out the solar cells?
Sounds great now but.......
written by SoapboxSam, October 10, 2008
How long do you think it'll be before the major oil companies buy these companies out?? Probably by 2010!
solar cell printer?????
written by arman, March 02, 2009
Hi.Is it possible to print a solar cell(thin film)with a home-based printer(whether inkjet or laser printer)?

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