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MAR 10

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"WoW! I want to have one of these Solar Water Heaters Could Save $35 B ..."

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Solar Water Heaters Could Save $35 B / Year

Solar Water HeaterSolar water heaters are low tech. Basically, they're black pipes on panels. There's no nanotechnology, no monosilicon crystals, and no DC to AC conversion. Just run a pipe to soft levitra tablets your roof, through the panel, and then back into your house. In many parts of the US, solar water heaters can provide more than 90% of a household's water. And in all but the cloudiest climates, they can provide more than 30%.

A recent study compiled in the good choice viagra no prescription UK (notably, not the sunniest place on earth) has determined that the average household could save around $450 per year. Now, the numbers would certainly be slightly different for Americans, and city dwellers with less roof space might not have the same options. But even with a big chunk shaved off the top, $450 for, let's say, the 80 million American households that are ready for hot water panels, is more than $30 billion per year.

And all of that power would be coming from a renewable and what is the cost of levitra ongoing resource. No natural gas bills every month. Just one installation and then years of cheap water heating.

So why haven't we done it? A few reasons. First, installation can cost more than $5,000 dollars, especially in older houses. Second, new home buyers apparently don't like to see solar water heaters disrupting their "roof lines." But there's good news on both these fronts.

First, banks are looking for new kinds of loans in America. A loan that would, in effect, pay for itself and be more or less default-free could be very enticing. A ten-year loan on a solar water heater would, in effect, be free for the home owner and risk-free for the bank.

Second, people are looking for low-carbon homes now. Installing hot water heaters are a less expensive move (per pound of carbon negated) than photovoltaics. People are now able to be proud of their panels, and their neighbors will maybe even be a little bit jealous.

Via The Telegraph

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What banks?
written by Amy, March 10, 2008
So do you know of any banks actually lending the money for these things? That would be interesting to know! Thanks!
written by Sarah Flood, March 10, 2008
Too bad my roof is covered in snow for 3-4 months of the year.
written by Dan Anderson, March 10, 2008
If your not in the south which would probably supply all your hot water needs during the the best place viagra cheapest day, combining this with a tankless water heater could save you more than what they're probably reporting in this article.
I Dream of Greenie
written by GreenKristine, March 10, 2008
I am curious about the bank loan comment. Today borrowers in AMerica are walking away from their homes becuase of an inability to pay. Troubled borrowers might cease payments on try it cialis generic brand their solar water heater before their homes. The credit markets aren't interested in any loan at the moment!!!

Love your site ecogeek boy!
PS Can I link you to my green blog for women? THey need to order 50mg viagra hear about this geeky stuff. If you can return the fav, that would be awesome. GK
Old Home Renovation
written by N. & J., March 10, 2008
My fiance and I currently live in apartment but once we relocate we want to buy a small house and this is one of the first changes I want to make. It's "relatively inexpensive" and fairly simple to get done.

i've been promoting this for a while
written by def, March 11, 2008
Look, the problem isn't technology, its us. Here we have a proven low-tech solution to a huge problem, and its almost never mentioned on "ten things you could do to save the planet" lists.

What we need to do is support government subsidization to kill off the upfront costs (besides, it'd stimulate the economy); support legislation requiring that solar budgets be calculated for most new home construction and when beneficial *requiring* that an appropriate solar water heating technology be installed with it, as part of standard building code. Recently a housing construction company here in Fresno announced that all new subdivision homes would have it installed. (wish I could remember who it was, or where i read that)

For folks living in places without the solar budget of cheapest viagra tablets sunny California, don't think that it wouldn't necessarily work for you. Think of it as a unit to supplement traditional methods of heating water. For more info, you can go here:
what i mean is programs like this!
written by def, March 11, 2008
The City of Fresno is pleased to announce a new innovative program that will promote the canadian online pharmacy cialis use of solar energy systems in Fresno. The Solar Energy System Rebate and Loan Program will provide a much needed incentive to visit web site overnight levitra jump start the private use of solar panels and solar water heaters for qualified Fresno families. The program is not only intended to reduce electricity costs to homeowners, but will also encourage the use of renewable energy sources and reduce Fresno’s reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels that harm our air quality.

The rebate will provide the lesser of $2,000 or 10% of system price to any eligible Fresno resident who finished installation of their solar panels or solar water heater on October 31, 2007 or after. The loan will provide the lesser of $15,000 or 75% of system price to qualified low and moderate income families who wish to install a solar energy system on their home. The loan will be zero interest and payable over 15 years.

Fore more information or to apply for the Solar Energy System Rebate and Loan Program please contact the City of Fresno’s Housing and Community Development Division at (559) 621-8300, or access the Program’s website at for more information.

CONTACT: Rhonda Jorn, Public Affairs Manager (559) 621-7777 Patti Miller, Public Affairs Administrator 621-7795
And this wonderful law which made it int
written by def, March 11, 2008

Look, and you just might find the resources to do it.
save hot water, shave head.
written by ian, March 11, 2008
At least 7 minutes in a shower is used to shampoo and condition one's hair, this represents an awful lot of best way to use levitra hot water. Imagine how much energy and cialis in usa water could be saved if at least 150 million Americans shaved their heads.
written by def, March 11, 2008
*water heating is roughly 14 percent of a household's energy budget.
*A therm of natural gas translates into 11.7 pounds of CO2
*A small home of two adults and one child using natural gas to heat their water, uses about 300 therms a year. That's 3510 pounds of CO2 a year.
*Assuming the viagra online pharmacy rather pessimistic figure of 30%, installing a solar water heater would save 1050 pounds of CO2 a year for this household, and would reduce water heating as part of total household energy budget to 9.8%.
*Assuming the more optimistic figure of 90%, that's 3159 pounds of CO2 saved a year, and would reduce water heating as part of total household energy budget to only 1%.

As a very rough estimate, average the two you get about 2000 pounds of CO2 saved per year. Multiply that by about 100 million households and you get 200 billion pounds of CO2 saved per year, in the US alone. Not trivial.

written by Meir, March 12, 2008
I live in Israel and here, for many years, all the buildings have, by low, solar water heating systems. The buildings are made in a shape that you usually can't see the solar collectors and water tanks from the street. The climate here is simillar to Califonia's climate, so I belive you can benefit these systems with the cialis side effects same success as we do in many parts of the USA. We get enough hot water even in a partially sunny winter days.
What about cold weather states
written by Wildgoosechase, March 14, 2008
While solar water heaters are great in the sun belt the vast majority of the country experiences below freezing temperatures during winter. I'd hate to have that on my roof when the uk propecia pipes burst.
cold weather
written by dude, March 14, 2008
Your worry about cold weather is legitimate, but that is why different designs are used for different climates. If you check out they'll talk about it.
Pay Over Time Through Utility Bill
written by Buzz Bundy, March 18, 2008
I think the government needs to pay the up-front cost of installing these. The homeowner would then pay a surcharge on their bill, representing the average difference between the old and new bill. This would continue until the installation cost was recovered, at which time the surcharge would be dropped.

No cost to the viagra soft tablets homeowner, and after about 10 years they get a nice reduction in their monthly bill, maybe just in time for their retirement.
written by josh, March 22, 2008
When I was in Hawaii, new government military housing used these for water heaters. The government has the money for the initial payment and the patience to buy viagra in canada no prescription save the money in the long run. The big problem I see is a lot of the really warm places in the country, west Texas for example, would be great candidates for these. However, what is golf-ball (or bigger) sized hail going to do those solar panels when big thunderstorms come?
written by Reeves, April 02, 2008
We install in Seattle, WA. Not the sunniest place in the US. We have a customer that we saw last week (still winter and discount viagra viagra rainy here) and his solar hot water system is saving him 50-60 gallons of propane each month. Two months ago his price/gallon doubled. The payback on his system just got cut in half.
Solar water heater supplier
written by steven, April 27, 2008
We are a solar product company in China.Our product include solar garden light ,solar garden decoration light,solar water heater..... Please visit our web for our product catalog.
Solar Hot Water Pays You in Australia
written by Alexander Kohl, June 02, 2008
I have been looking for a green technology that directly benefits the user and has positive environmental implications. Solar Hot Water in Australia fits that. Based on government figures a household can save up to $12,000 over 20 years. At the same time they avoid 60,000kg of CO2 emissions.
The biggest block: the upfront cost.
So we have searched and found a solution for that as well and launched 3 days ago.
we have all kinds of solar water heater
written by David, June 18, 2008
we have all kinds of solar water heaters,and if you interested in it ,you can contact us.Our e-mail:[email protected] David
An optional way to save money while heat
written by Dave Perkins, June 30, 2008

In addition to use solar water heaters to save money, here's a tip my electrician shared with me that is saving me lots of cash!

Many homeowners heat their water 24/7/365 when they could use a timer that will shut off their water heater at night (when they're sleeping) and also during the day (when they're at work}. This is a simple install and IS effective in reducing consumption of electricity on electric water heaters. Sometimes as much as 50%, especially if the water heater and pipes are well insulated.

written by Solar, August 15, 2008
Yes! Keeping in mind the drastic environmental changes and rising fuel prices going Solar is one option open to all at minimal investments. The Solar Water heating systems are so easy to saturday delivery tramadol online install and most of them come in a Do-it Yourself kit, With the technological advancement the once heavy, bulky hard to move panels are now available widely in light weight easy to carry by one personal only packages. The advancement in technology is not only limited to light weight, but for those concern about the asthetics of the panels, the good news is that the panels are now available with a variety of look here best price for viagra teim colors to choose from and canadian viagra scam can be easily matched to your roof. Saving about $25.oo on ones electricity bill on a residence of 4. We all use hot water, as one of our basic needs and what can be a better way, than helping our environment, saving our resources and ourself's some money other than by investing in a Solar Water Heating System.
There are a couple useful websites I'm aware off, that I would like to share with you
1. - is a comprehensive source of information on state, local
, utility ans federal incentives that promote renewable engery ans energy efficieny.
2. - one of the many manufacturers of certified Solar Water Heating Systems available. One place I saw the light weight panels and trim color options I was mentioning earlier.
Lastly, the local utilites in some areas also provide additional rebates and incentives for adding a Solar Water Heating Sytem to your exisitng water tank.
Keep the look out on. Feel Good and save- money for you, environment for us.
Save water
written by BeWaterWise Rep, July 20, 2009
Yes solar water heaters can save lots of energy. But there is also a need to save water. Numerous simple and inexpensive things you can do at home can save gallons of water and also keep your water bills down. Some of these water conservation things are turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth, directing grey water to the garden, washing only full loads of clothes or dishes etc. To learn more tips on how to free trial of viagra save water and keep your water bills down visit
written by Chris, December 05, 2009
I heard that you can get the solar panels for all electricity and take you off the power company grid!!
written by Sharon, April 07, 2011
I have been here reading for about an hour. For an efficient water heater why don't you go for tankless option? Tankless Water Heater are the most energy efficient and save energy consumption.
Instantaneous Water Heater
written by Instantaneous Water Heater, May 18, 2011
WoW! I want to have one of these Solar Water Heaters Could Save $35 B / Year ! I really learned a lot!

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