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The 45 mph Mega-City (and I can't seem to stop talking about the Tesla Roadster)

While I'm waiting for the last half an hour before the Tesla Roadster is officially released, I figured I'd blog about a very different electric vehicle hitting the wow look it online us cialis streets of London.  The brand new Mega-City is a two seater from the NICE Car Company (No Internal Combustion Engine, which I agree is nice.) 

Everything about the car is lower than the Tesla Roadster, so it's hard to be excited about the Mega-City on real cialis without prescription this particular evening.  The range is less than 50 miles and we recommend cialis 30 mg the top speed is around 45 mpg.  I imagine the pricetag is about a tenth that of the Roadster, but I'm not in the market for any kind of new car right now, so (since it's all just dreams anyways) I'm leaning away from the Mega-City. 

Of course, as the cialis femele name implies, this car is for city driving, specifically for London driving, as that's the only place it's being marketed.  Either way, today sees two completely different approaches to a darned good idea and that's enough to get an EcoGeek downright excited. 

Excited enough to stay up for 20 more minutes until the Tesla Roadster is unveiled.

Via Hugg


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