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MAR 17

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"I don't know why anyone would think an electric car would be "eco-frie..."

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Tesla Starts Production!

The first of the long-awaited and generic viagra in the uk much-lauded Tesla Roadsters is rolling off the assembly line as I write this. After a lot of delays, a huge internal shake-up and a couple price increases, the company will finally start delivering Roadsters to customers.

The CEO is quick to point out that this is "the only zero emission electric vehicle in production today " which is pretty much a big lie. There are lots of people making electric vehicles in America. But it is the only one that can go break the speed limit everywhere in the country (top speed over 75 mph.)

Though the $100,000 pricetag is a bit steep, and Tesla will only be able to produce one or two cars a week (at least at first) 900 people have already reserved a Roadster. Included in that long list of buyers are George Clooney, Dustin Hoffman, and Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

Despite all of the uncertainty and delays along the way, that's a big deal. It's something the major automotive companies have had to take notice of. And it's certainly proved that green can be cool.

Continue reading for hi-res pictures.

Via Tesla

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written by Magnulus, March 17, 2008
Well, it certainly does look good. I wonder if it can actually convert any of the old-school car fanatics, like a friend of cialis mail order mine.

Terrible "newspost" from them, though. No real information like mileage or other useful stuff, plus a dollop of flat-out lies... It almost makes you wonder whether it exists at all.
written by Magnulus, March 17, 2008
Ah, oh... there we go. Found the rest by looking around the site.
Aaaand now I look like a prick. ^_^
written by AliKat, March 19, 2008
Look at the big picture? These eco friendly automobiles, are only made for the rich! How is that ever going to correct the abusing ways that these rich individuals companies polute the generic levitra mastercard air that we all breath?? Please let the world know, the next time you get into your 12 cylinder Bentley, or your Ferrari. How other people are not in your class. The bigger picture is the point that we all breath the same air. So just keep poluting the air that we all breath and think for a second, why can't you make this car affordable for world-wide production? The greed will die without air and so will we.
Auto & Oil Companies Won't allow Mass Pr
written by Bill, March 19, 2008
Auto & Oil Companies won't allow mass produced "Affordable" all Electric cars. They are "ok" with high priced version because it won't have impact their "bottom line". Both industries "killed the electric car" when it was produced by GM previously.
There is a documentary on DVD called "Who killed the Electric Car?" I suggest everyone should watch. It reveals the electric car was an unexpected success. So much of a success that it got the attention of oil and auto industries. Unfortunately, until the Corporate lobbyists are reigned in, we "the people" will not get to see an affordable electic car.
written by Martyr Machine, March 19, 2008
Not sure why this is "news" at all. My son has a power wheels that can drive around for a half hour or so. So much for cuttin gedge technology. Electric cars have been around forever. You would think that for 100K this things would be able to fly or something. BTW, human-induced global warming is a myth. The Earth has been undergoing climate change and temperature increases since long before we were around.
Re: Lame
written by -Me, March 19, 2008
I find it funny that with all the evidence of increased global warming you can ignorantly shut your eyes and viagra alternetives convince yourself that human-induced global is a myth. Yes the Earth has been undergoing climate changes long before we were around but no where near as fast. Sheesh close your eyes again and go back to sleep.

The Tesla car is a huge step for the U.S. since it puts it into the hands of the people that truly sell cars, the celebrities. Kudos for those that are willing to take the first step in healing the earth!!
It's a start...
written by The Green Carpet Cleaner, March 19, 2008
If you go to you can see all the information you need. The concept is great, but for $110,000.00? No thank you! I'd rather invest that amount of money in to a grid tie wind turbine and convert my house to total electric, and free myself from an electric bill. Too bad the morons at Tesla only focused on getting rich, instead of uk propecia sales visit our site generic cialis next day delivery the real picture, which is building an all electric that the indian levitra average Joe's family could afford. So, I give them an A for effort, and an F for falling trastically short of making an impact on vehicle emmision pollution on a mass scale. So, George, Arnald and Dustin, enjoy your over sized battery powered toy. When you really want to make an impact on air pollution, instead of buying one of thier cars, how about you donate to thier research costs so that they can lower the retail cost, which would allow others with a lower income the opportunity to afford a vehicle like the Tesla. Or, how about encouraging other to do as I did, and build a hybrid conversion for my Astro van, which has dual lith-ion battery packs, and a low emmisions bio-diesel generator which runs on recycled vegetable oil, and it gets well over 120 MPG! At a build cost of less than $13,000. That is how you build a car that will have less impact on the inviroment, and free us from the need of middle east oil! And almost everybody can afford it!
written by Warren, March 19, 2008
Please remember that this is a relatively new production technology, and while I am by no means a supporter of eliteism remember, as with most new technologies, when the automobile was invented, only the united healthcare cialis rich could afford it.
RE: ... By Warren
written by The Green Carpet Cleaner, March 19, 2008
You are right Warren, In most cases new technology was only available to the rich. It's a good thing Henry Ford did not see it that way, or we'd all still be riding a horse drawn buggy.
Tesla had an opportunity of a life time to develope and produce the vechicle that could have single handedly change the automotive industry for ever. But they failed. Instead of accepting a slower rate of return on thier investment and selling the cars at a lower price, which would open the market up to a wider consumer group, they get greedy and jacked up the price so that only the elitist and wealthy could afford it. And frankly speaking, our enviroment can't wait for "The price to come down", we need a vehicle that the average Joe can afford, you know? The majority of the driving populous, which had to drive higer emmission cars 45 to 50 miles per day to and from work. So, again A for effort, a big fat F for failing to deliver an affordable alternative.
written by K DOSUMU, March 19, 2008
By the time other car manufacturers start the cheapest online viagra production of electric cars the price will naturally go down and we all should look forward to that , cause i cant imagine the continuation of gas at $4.00 a gallon ,if and when the production of electric cars is well circulated then the oil producing countries can go ahead and get drunk on their oil and i dont understand the greed of the big oil corporation and the oil producing nations , they should know that its not only the rich americans that use the oil for transporatation the farmers in the deep asian and african hinterland also need gas to run his rickety truck and discount levitra levitra he has to buy it at the rate its beign sold in his country now that a barrel of gas is $106.00 which will eventually make him lower production or increase the price of his produce or stop production altogether if he cant afford to fuel his truck or get his produce to the market oil price affect people around the world and the oil producing nations should remember that this oil is a gift for all and not and should not be used as a pawn to make people suffer, one day people wont rely on oil so much then i will wonder what will happen to those oil reserves maybe then they will turn it to alchohol and start drinking it , american government should encourage the mass production of electric cars , the roads are already there but with the production of electric cars americans and american as a whole will only be richer for it, then there will be more peace even around the world .
written by Retro, March 19, 2008
Ok, I love classic muscle cars and pretty much road going vehicle with an engine equipped for a space shuttle, so normally electric cars are a huge turnoff to me. Not only do they provide little performance in the way of actually driving, but the previous variations have all been just hideous. Until the Tesla Roadster, I had not yet seen a single electric car that wouldn't have made me embarrassed to drive it. So thank you Tesla. Someone finally realized that if you want people to get interested in a environmentally friendly car, you have to make them actually enjoy what it is, a car. It may be the least-polluting, most efficient vehicle to ever exist, but if it looks like a brick on wheels, no one will buy it.

Sure it may be a tad expensive right now, but hey, they already have a waiting list started for it, so I'd say that's a good sign of the future. Plus, It took us a while to get into the global warming mess and purchase viagra uk I seriously doubt a single car will fix it immediately if everyone suddenly bought one. All of the previous posters who complained that Tesla didn't do enough to make it accessible to the public, too bad. New car & new tech = expensive. Plus, to actually get decent acceleration out of an electric is a trick I'd certainly like to see others pull off as well as Tesla seems to have done. Also consider that Tesla will at some point make other vehicles. Since the get cialis outlook on this car looks so well, it would only be stupid if they remained a one-trick pony in the car industry. So if you can't afford this one, wait awhile and I'm sure you'll be blessed with a more affordable sedan or suv that runs on battery. Of course, you could convert an astro van but....*barf*

On a side note: Tesla is a business. Yes, they did create a very eco-friendly car, but that is because they have entered a niche market in which no one else dominates. Since they seem to be one of the few actually producing an electric car that the mass populace would enjoy, they will undoubtedly thrive in that particular niche. Complain all you want about the pricing and the environment, but don't forget, Tesla is there to sell cars. Sad but true.
written by Warren, March 19, 2008
Just one more point before I go, if we as a species were interested in solving the global warming problem any time soon, we would have given up cars entirely a long time ago. I live in Trinidad and Tobago, and despite what anyone says, we probably have the worst public transport system in the world but it is still posible to get to and from your destinations without driving yourself. I think with a little imagination and sacrifice, we could probably beat this problem of global warming and muzzle big oil at the same time.
This discussion was great but gotta go, we'll talk later.
written by Bill, March 19, 2008
How much green does it take to put this on the road so it does not take green away while being all that fun? Will Tesla produce the cost of construction in green?
Zero Free Emissions
written by Brett, March 19, 2008
This part is not a lie- it certainly can be if you're powering the batteries with renewable energies- which does occur in parts of the country.

Basically, any power plant other than a coal plant gives us a huge decrease in emissions when you charge a Tesla.
Other Considerations
written by JP, March 19, 2008
I've read and appeciate just about every poster's comments but I'd like to off the consideration of Telsa'a R&D effort. As a professional Research and cialis online purchase Development Engineer I know the funding for a project of this magnatude is overwhelming and almost inconcevieable. Considering that, please understand that the fist of a kind (first generation)product like this has to be sold at a high pice to conquer debts and provide funding for the second, third, etc.. generations of the product. This is the necessary path to launching affordable products to the market. I think we should be happy that this is an individual company and not just a marketing effort from our "Big 3" Auto Mfg's.

Thank you for reading..
written by Nate, March 19, 2008
if i had 100k in my bank id buy a house, but again i am middle class. So to me this would be a big deal if it were some where around the Toyota Pruis price range. Sell me one for 30k, and ill trade both my vehicles in.
RE: Finally written by Retro
written by The Green Carpet Cleaner, March 20, 2008
You may say ...*barf* to the Astro van that I use for my carpet cleaning business, but I just laugh as I pass you while you're sitting parked at the gas station. As for me, well, I fill the 20 gallon gas tank on my van every 1900 to 2000 miles or so... which is usually when the needle gets to about the 1/4 tank mark. I use Bio Diesel which if you look around, you can find at stations like Pacific Pride, and even Safeway markets are starting to sell it. At about 2.00/gallon. My point is this still the discount generic cialis same, I successfully converted a 4.3 liter Chevy Astro van in to a Series (REEV) Hybrid Vehicle that produces 75% less emissions then it originally did, I now get an astounding mpg rate at highway speeds of 70 mph, and I did it for $13,000.00 plus the cost of the van. If I can do it for $13K, why can't others? I think it's because they choose to take the route that will line thier pockets faster and keep them lined longer.
The technology is available to make a production REEV at cost effective prices, they just won't do it.
written by Phil, March 25, 2008
The reason why the Tesla is so "expensive"is because the company wants to earn enough money to be able to develope a more ordinary car, they're saying it's bigger 4-door car for the average joe. And the need to raise some money to be able to do that.
interested in conversions
written by Al, March 26, 2008
Green Carpet Cleaner - It seems to me that you have a good conversion that I would be very interested in hearing more about. Where did you get the information to do it? If you designed it yourself, do you have plans on it?
The Arrow of Time
written by spacester, March 29, 2008
Hi Hank, great site, my first comment here. It's too bad that comments and disagreements are so correlated, but that's the way of things I guess.

This so-called lying CEO you refer to is one of my heroes. I don't have a lot of heroes, but Elon Musk of SpaceX qualifies. He's going to lower the cost of getting to orbit, and in my world, that's huge.

Last I heard, Tesla plans on a $30,000 vehicle. But they need to walk before they can run. The rich-guy revenue funds it. Why don't people get that simple proposition?

If Elon says it's the only production vehicle, I believe him. I also believe there are other electric vehicles being constructed. But on a production basis? Not one-off or N per year but an actual staged assembly process with continuous flow? I do not think you can identify another outfit doing that.

Love your site, Hank, but I'm going with my hero on this one. :-)
Mealer American Motor Co offers a great
written by JL Mealer, March 30, 2008
Hello again folks. The latest of the Green Techs, or better termed for us, "Green Engineered", is booting up for production of our own Americanized version of non-petro, non-elec powered vehicle.
This is something that will actually haul a typical overweight, McD's eating, beer swilling man and his buddy around. Not to be snide, but seriously, MAMC has a series of vehicles that will actually finction on todays roads at todays speed and viagra from canadian pharmacy be able to carry a real load. Americanized because we are Arizona built and made for the real world! Keep watching, we are going to cause THE stir in the melting pot of indecision... Well, I was trying to be cliche.

A great time to invest in both our future and your future, too.
Basic Economics of R&D
written by ErikL, June 02, 2008
As mentioned by a couple of others the companies are not greedy: Research and Development costs a lot of money - my guess is that they are lucky to cover their costs on the Tesla.

Go back to 1982 when I paid $75000 for a computer that had 16Mb hard drive and 512kb RAM - it is because of people like myself that you can today buy a mobile phone with more processing and storage power (and no I was not rich at the time - I had to borrow every penny to buy it).

So get your head out of the sand and realize that Tesla is the tip of the iceberg that will bring everyone a very affordable and efficient zero emission vehicles within a decade.

As for the big lie of being the order cheap tramadol only zero emission production vehicle - please tell me the names of car dealers that are currently selling zero emission electric cars (besides) Tesla because I would like to buy one.

Please note "in production" means they are made on regular and consistent basis and are available for purchase by anyone with enough money. It does not mean someone made a non-commercial prototype or one in their garage which is not for sale.

Finally - the oil companies will only kill the electric car if we (the public) fail to support it. So WELL DONE to Tesla, Elon Musk and most of all to those "rich" people who are giving him the support he needs by putting their green money to where it is going to help all of us.
written by dean, September 26, 2008
ask areal astro physisist he will tell you that global climate change comes from solar activity and 97&#xof; greenhouse gasses are water vapor[teir called clouds]. 5th grade science will tell you c/02 is heavier than air and it sinks to feed your crops and green grass maybe you can record a chevy to play on the sound syst. so nobody runs out in front of it
Electric Cars and Pollution
written by Mike, January 01, 2010
I don't know why anyone would think an electric car would be "eco-friendly". The only thing it does is move the source of pollution from the car to the power company which is probably burning coal to produce the electricity to charge the car's batteries. Personally I think the whole "global warming" thing is a bunch of bull-shit.

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