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MAR 26

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"What'sa madda wit addin a sail? I notice that most cats have a lot of ..."

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Solar Bicycle Boat Built for Four

solar pedal boatWouldn't it be nice to have a boat that your family could take out to nearby pristine sandy beaches with crystal clear blue water and how to get a viagra prescription billions of tropical fishes? And wouldn't it be nice if, somehow, that boat didn't disrupt the fishes, or the environment, in any way? And while we're dreaming (here in Montana we haven't escaped from the 40s yet, and it's raining), let's throw in some solar panels as well.


Well, that's the dream that Jonathan Mahieddine is throwing at us. It's a pedal-powered boat for four. And if you get tired (or step on a stingray) there's always the solar-powered electric motor to get you home again.

A cute design that I couldn't help but feature here at EcoGeek

Via Gizmodo

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Not practical.
written by Daniel Lunsford, March 27, 2008
Nice in theory but poor in design. The energy required to push those massive pontoons through the water will overwhelm the pedalers. Consider those little pedalboats you can rent at any lake... they are only 1/4th the size, but even with two pedals the boat only goes 2-3 miles per hour. The solar panel doesn't produce enough energy to make a difference in the long run. It looks like approximately a 20W panel, but a human can produce in excess of 150W on the cranks. Additionally, having a solar option on there means that you'll have to cart around an extra few batteries (read additional 100 lbs).
Looks good!
written by mark, March 29, 2008
The pontoons look fairly hydrodynamic to me, low frontal surface area, good waterline length (aided by the catamaran design), should give an efficient hull speed. I agree the solar panels should be bigger, but that looks like at least 1m2, should produce around 200W in full sun. I doubt a 100lb battery is necessary, the Prius battery is only 45kg. Extra weight is also not much of a disadvantage on a displacement hull design, hydrodynamic drag is far more of an important factor than the extra energy required to get the extra weight up to speed.
I'd say this is ideal for exploring inland waterways without have to have a rattly outboard taking away the serenity.
Plug it in too!
written by Josh P, June 02, 2008
Don't forget you would charge it up before you went out as well so you could get most of your traveling done without sun or pedals. The solar and pedal option just extends the range to as far as your feet and the sun will let you!
written by W. B. LaCroix, June 03, 2008
What'sa madda wit addin a sail? I notice that most cats have a lot of sail to canadian pharamacy viagra get a LOT of speed and thrill. For a slow & easy, a greatly reduced sail area would work. The mast & sail could be stowed in the deck or in that silly pedastal then fitted into a socket in the deck. The new composite stuff could work to lighten the mast & sail. It should not be required to win a race with it.

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