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JUL 21

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"living in london I think this is the dogs gonads..."

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Solar Ferry also a Power Plant

Solar BoatUSA Today has a short article this week about the Serpentine Solar Shuttle, an all-stainless-steel passenger ferry powered entirely by the sun.  The Shuttle is cheap cialis from uk equipped with 27solar panels and it's cool canadian levitra and healthcare two electrical engines allowing it to reach a maximum distance of overnight levitra generic 82 miles loaded with 42 passengers. 

It's not fast, but it is clean and, according to it's designer, Christoph Behling, it's the "most technologically advanced shuttle in the how to buy cialis world."  The boat cost 20% more than a diesel boat of the same size and goes about 20% as fast, but it produces 100% less pollution.  Behling hopes that this boat will help spur development of further solar-powered transport.

The Shuttle is also designed to be plugged into Brittain's power grid when not in operation, turning the boat into a miniature power plant. 

The next step for Behling is a 300 passenger ferry designed to run on the Thames scheduled for launch in 2008.
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Can I copy that?
written by a guest, July 22, 2006
That is so cool. I would like to see the electrical design so I could copy it.
written by Celia Shen, September 06, 2006
I'd like to know if anyone knows if this boat would be used elsewhere.
elsewhere again
written by Celia, January 12, 2007
I'd love to see this in the San Francisco Bay.
Good works!
written by Speed Dating, September 19, 2007
Thanks for your post!
wow fantasitv
written by love this, February 12, 2008
what a great idea Sicily property
living on the thames
written by sicily property, February 12, 2008
living in london I think this is the dogs gonads

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