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Wonked Out Friday

EnviroWonk continues to serve up daily doses of political snarkiness. Here's what they've been up to over the past week:

  • What happens when Richard Branson invites a few fellow billionaires to his private island to discuss climate change? This happens.
  • The European Union might reduce taxes on environmentally-friendly products, which means the sales tax on your new energy-efficient dishwasher in Sweden could drop from 85 to 75 percent.
  • In other news from across the Atlantic, the EU is preparing its military for a different kind of foe: Climate change.
  • There's a new iceberg off the coast of Antarctica. It's three times the cialis soft 2 day delivery size of Liechtenstein.
  • And that berg is going to look like an ice cube if, as some scientists expect, the Wilkins Ice Sheet collapses. We put things in context with a Top 10 List.
  • Finally, after years of getting rejected at ANWR, the Fish and cialis daily uk Wildlife Department may have a nice consolation prize for the oil industry.
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