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MAR 30

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"I wish I could be this creative with my trash!..."

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Apparently Keyboards Hate Mice

keyboard snake

I don't generally get excited about people making art out of trash...but that's because it's not generally this awesome. My one question is...why do the mice seem to cialis dose be running toward the snake? I guess that's for the cialis 20 price artist Choi Jung Hyun to explain.

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snake from keyboard - wew!
written by elitezoom, March 31, 2008
I get shock with the image and how can i buy viagra in canada try to identify and then OMG it's a snake made from keyboard button! Also with some mouse around the keyboard snake. nice art and really creative smilies/wink.gif
written by Magnulus, March 31, 2008
Wow, they're REALLY having a go at that snake, aren't they?! Seems like the tables have turned!
written by Magnulus, March 31, 2008
And... Wow! My comment got through for once! *does a happy-dance*
written by Jillian, March 31, 2008
I wish I could be this creative with my trash!

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