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MAR 31

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"That's definitely good news. The part I really like is where they say..."

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71% of Adults in America are EcoGeeks!

That's right, according the 2007 National Technology Readiness Survey 71% of adults in America are ecogeeks! Or at least, they're interested in the viagra side effect possibility of becomming ecogeeks.

Out of a random survey of over 1000 people in 11 product categories, people were interested in buying technology that would decrease their impact on the environment regardless of whether it provided other benefits. That tremendously underserved market could be worth $100 billion per year. About half of that comes from the automotive sector, but we imagine electronics and buy viagra housing were also big players.

Honestly, I wish housing had won out over automobiles, since that has a greater benefit to owners and the environment, but people see cars as their big opportunity to go green.

Via Greener Computing

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written by Magnulus, March 31, 2008
It doesn't say anything about how interested they'd be if it cost MORE, though, which is where I suspect most people fall off that wagon. Sadly, a lot of green tech (apart from low-powered computers for web surfing and the like) tends to require quite a bit of discount brand viagra pfizer an initial investment.
Green Industries
written by Roy, March 31, 2008
I think the green industry is about the explode. There are so many great new green technologies coming down the pipeline. When the viagra online 50mgs sustainable choice starts becoming the less expensive or the most preferred, it'll be a glorious day.
interested in buying technology...
written by weee, April 01, 2008
Kinder to the environment not to buy new stuff - carry on using the stuff you've got!
written by Roy, April 01, 2008
That explains why so many have their names linked to!
Good news.
written by Carl Foner, April 02, 2008
That's definitely good news.

The part I really like is where they say that "those most committed to the environment — 10 percent of adult consumers — are also very enthusiastic about technology". Some people say technology and the environment are at odds with each other. Well apparently not everyone thinks so.

Regarding the comment that green tech costs more, I have to disagree. We sell a lot of green tech products that are no more expensive than their non-green counterparts. Some of them, like 80 Plus Certified power supplies, will actually save you money, too.

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