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Google Gives Up On Earth: Will Colonize Mars

virgin google virgle mars

While Google and Virgin have both been outspoken and dedicated supports of the Environment, it looks as if their founders are just sick of dealing with this mess. While and Virgin will continue to work to protect the Earth's environment, respective founders Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Richard Branson are going to levitra cialis viagra be three of the first hundred people to permanently colonize Mars.

Obviously this is a big step from Google's previous Mars plans, which only included creating a searchable interface for its surface. Virgin, of course, has considerably more experience with space flight.

In an announcement leaked early last night Google and Virgin announced their new joint company, Virgle, and said:

For thousands of how much is cialis years,

the human race has spread out across the Earth, scaling mountains and plying the oceans, planting crops and building highways, raising skyscrapers and atmospheric CO2 levels, and observing, with tremendous and viagra no prescription online india unflagging enthusiasm, the Biblical injunction to be fruitful and multiply across our world's every last nook, cranny and subdivision.

An invitation.

Earth has issues, and it's time humanity got started on a Plan B. So, starting in 2014, Virgin founder Richard Branson and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will be leading hundreds of users on one of the grandest adventures in human history: Project Virgle, the first permanent human colony on natural levitra pills Mars.

The question is, do you want to join us?

Ever yearned to journey to the buy tramadol rss feed stars? You can learn how to become a Virgle Pioneer, test your Pioneering potential, or join the Mission Control community that will help develop the 100 Year Plan we've outlined here.

I've already applied for my spot. Frankly, I'm sick of trying to usa cialis save this planet...I'm ready for something unspoiled!

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written by RP, April 01, 2008
wow, you're dumb
written by Magnulus, April 01, 2008
Smells like April Fools! ^_^

Actually, I thought it was cool and went to tell my girlfriend, at which point she reminded me what date today is.
written by amadeus, April 01, 2008
Sign me up!
written by AnnMarie, April 01, 2008
I've said for decades that if I were given the opportunity to colonize Mars, I'd go in a heartbeat. (Unfortunately, my husband isn't interested so I probably wouldn't be able to go now. But I really want to!)

::sigh:: I wish this were for real.
written by ljd, April 01, 2008
unhappy april 1st to you.
Whitey on the Moon
written by Lee Rodrigues, April 01, 2008
Not much has changed since the space program.

written by Enrique, April 01, 2008

If my wife is not willing to go to brand name cialis Mars with me,Oh well, I will find me a Martian. I am ready to leave this planet.
written by Tegan, April 01, 2008
Oh I love the first of April. ;D
And sadly yes, Hank, you did get me there for a second. :P

Havin' fun at too
written by Sterling Allan, April 01, 2008
We're havin' fun over at today too.
my dream retirement home!
written by littlerobbergirl, April 01, 2008
please say its true!

actually i would prefer a rotating space colony... L2 would do fine. location location.....
written by Rena, April 01, 2008
Well the founder of Virgin was on The Late Late show with Craig Furgeson last night and he talked about this plan. Not so sure it's april fools prank.
written by chris, April 02, 2008
Humans can quite comfortably live on Mars. All you have to do is start the reactor, Quaid.
written by Karl, April 02, 2008
Haha, I was getting so pissed off that there was any possibility that virgle was actually real, thinking about how that money could be used for so many better projects.

And then it hit me: April 1st!

That is viagra legal hilarious!
No so much a joke..
written by Matt, April 03, 2008
You tell me, is it real?
it was awesome cool
written by maritin and cialis best deal alexa, April 03, 2008
it was so stuped :) :) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) :P :- :-*
written by blah, April 04, 2008
total rubbish ;D

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