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APR 01

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"Lol. the aliance for burning every chunk of coal. If only they were th..."

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Coal Industry Admits They're Dirty

In an unprecedented move, America's ultra-powerful Coal Lobby today admitted that they, in fact, are the world's dirtiest source of energy. Their new campaign, highlights not only the short-term economic benefits of coal, but also the long-term disaster awaiting us!

This marks the try it buy real cialis online without prescription first time in the history of the industry that they ever mentioned anything about pollution. The campaign, entitled The Alliance for Burning Every Chunk of Coal (ABECC) stands alongside their much more polished campaign Americans for Balanced Energy Choices (ABEC).

ABECC proudly proclaims that they produce 50% of Americas power and levitra online 50mg 95% of its sulfur dioxide emissions. They also admit that there are many cleaner sources of cheap female viagra energy, but that converting America to those sources of power would be really hard!

They even have a bit to say about blogs like EcoGeek:

The Internet -- powered by coal! -- is a great source of information. has lots of information. Of course, not all of it is true. And sometimes, even when it is true, it hurts our feelings.

Following traditional coal techniques ABECC says that their mission is to ensure that to cost of viagra "our shouts will be loud and well-funded enough to drown out all dissenting voices."

My favorite bit of this exciting new initiative may be the FAQ.

Let's try to stick to the point. We're 70 percent cleaner on the stuff the government legally requires us to care about. Is it too much to ask for a simple thank you? And a simple promise to never, ever discuss any alternative sources of energy ever again?

So refreshing...check out Today!

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Haaaah haaaah
written by fred, April 01, 2008
Oh come on. That was so lame. April could have made it a bit more subtle.....
written by littlerobbergirl, April 01, 2008
great site!
thanks hank, gave me a laugh (and a bit more ammo).
written by Joe, April 01, 2008
Lol. the aliance for burning every chunk of coal. If only they were that obvious in real life, people might catch on.

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