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APR 02

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"If this technology is so cheap, we could walpaper our offices with it ..."

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NanoSolar Rakes in Another $50 Million

Nanosolar just can't stop making news! After completing it's $100M manufacturing plant and starting up the manufacture of nearly 500 megawatts of solar generating capacity per year, NanoSolar is cialis mail order usa taking yet more investment.

EDF Energies Nouvelles, a renewable energy provider that serves up 1.4 gigawatts of power throughout Europe, has invested $50 million in NanoSolar, at least in part in order to fast levitra get access to some of viagra endurance the panels they're producing. Already, NanoSolar is undercutting the price per watt of every other photovoltaic provider on cheap cialis super active the planet. They've done this by developing a technique whereby they can basically print solar panels. It's fast, simple, and cheap (now that they've got the try it viagra sale plant up and running) and they've been selling everything they can produce.

EDF's investment ensures that they'll be able to buy some of the highly in-demand solar panels from NanoSolar in 2009.

But NanoSolar's vision isn't without problems. Long-term efficiency of their cells has yet to be established, and some worry that they could degrade faster than traditional panels. Additionally, these thin-film solar cells require indium, an element that has recently become scarce due to a huge increase in use for flat-panel televisions and solar panels. The near-term shortage might force Nanosolar to increase its prices.

Other companies like Miasole and HelioVolt are working on creating similar panels using the same chemistry, but only NanoSolar has begun selling them in significant quantities.

Via CNet Green Tech

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written by Bob Wallace, April 02, 2008
Indium is not in short supply in the earth's crust.

Indium is a by-product extraction mineral that can be obtained during the processing of zinc. But the historical demand for indium has been so low that not all zinc processors bothered to best price generic viagra collect the indium.

Now demand is increasing and more indium will be brought to market. There may be temporary shortfalls, as there was in PV quality silicon, but the shortfalls will be due to rapid increases in demand, not availibility.


BTW, you might want to check with Nanosolar. They give some quite good long term projections for their panels.
written by Chris Morrell, April 02, 2008
Most interesting. Wonder when the average consumer will be able to purchase these "cheap" panels. I'd be interested in a few hundred watts worth of panels to offset my extensive computer hardware hobby.
written by C Williams, April 02, 2008
It's time to let the Oil companies know that we won't deal with higher and higher prices of gas. We watch money leave our pockets and emissions ruin our environment

Do not drive a vehicle on May 18th and let them know that a grass roots effort can bring their profits down and save the environment. The entire environmental impact could be monumental.

Check out this page and send it on to everyone you know and tell them to send it on......Let's make a difference
written by jake3988, April 03, 2008
written by Chris Morrell , April 02, 2008
Most interesting. Wonder when the average consumer will be able to purchase these "cheap" panels.

As stated in the post, likely 2009. The production plant has been built, I assume it just needs to daily levitra get running and get the industries that ordered them theirs.

After that, I'd imagine consumers will be the next target.

There's plenty more than just nanosolar promising $1 a watt. There's at least 3 other companies too planning to go, uh, 'online' by late 2008 to 2009.

Hopefully any one of those will be available as soon as possible!
written by Dan, April 05, 2008
A cheap install on houses? Give the tax incentive to make all new construction have solar roofs and a utility room for the storage batteries. Force utilities to let the energy run both ways into the buy viagra in us grid. No more centralized power production? That would be a step in the right direction for grid-national-server farm security. Next, let ME print my own solar cells!
written by Eddie, April 05, 2008
Want to print your own solar panels? Check out this web-site:
I think that flexible solar cells will b
written by Vladan, April 07, 2008
With the price per watt falling flexible panels and solar energy will became more popular. In France there is 50% of tax incentive on solar installations. smilies/cool.gif

Recycled light?
written by Sean, April 07, 2008
If this technology is so cheap, we could walpaper our offices with it and recycle some of the light we are using for general lighting, even at 19% efficient, something is better than nothing!

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