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APR 03

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"@mire: Thanks for the positive feedback. We have considered expanding ..."

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Huddler: The Finest Green Shopping Community So Far

There are a lot of product recommendation engines in the world. In fact, one could make a pretty good case that there are, in fact, too many. But Huddler may have actually gotten it right this time.

They've launched their service with a green spin at The site is a blog, a social network, a wiki, and a recommendation system all rolled into one. I've spent the last hour on it, enjoying myself tremendously.

I've written reviews of a few green products I own (like the Earth LED CL-5) and I marked a few items as things that I very much would like to own (like the Chevy Volt.)

The system is extremely simple to use, not to mention pleasing on the eyes. There seems to purchase levitra soft tabs be a pretty good community growing up inside of the ordering levitra without a prescription site, not to mention a huge amount of professional cialis online information on thousands of green products. You can subscribe to users, discussions, topics...anything! It's a joy to use.

Of course, like all social sites, there is viagra best price on net a battle to be fought for participation. It will only be a truly enjoyable and robust platform if a large community adopts the site. In order to entice folks, they've got a giveaway going on right now, which you enter yourself into every time you do ANYTHING on the site. So that's nice.

But we'll have to wait and see if huddler can somehow create a chicken without an egg.

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Thanks Hank
written by Dan Gill, April 03, 2008
Hello fellow Eco-Geeks, I'm one of the founders of Huddler. What a pleasure to viagra testimonial see this post - we're just launching after a long 10-ish months of hard work, so we'll hope to see some of you on try it levitra next day the site!

I just want to make myself available if anyone has any questions or suggestions of how we spread the word far and wide...looking forward to feedback! I'll check back here or you can find me on Huddler at

written by T, April 04, 2008
Hi Dan. This is a super-awesome site. Thanks for your effort! We needed a central hub for eco-products!
written by mire, April 04, 2008
I love the huddle site thanks for sending me there! Dan have you considered adding apparel to the site? I find it really annoying to sift through all the smaller green clothing sites which only carry a few bamboo and or organic clothes. One stop green clothing shopping that has it all would be a dream!!!

I really like the site:, it has a lot of green products available from many different sources but the best part is that a percentage of every sale goes to a charity of your choice. Neat huh? check it out.

written by gren, April 04, 2008
Not buying is green. Buying "green" products is a lighter brown.
Thanks for the feedback
written by Dan Gill, April 07, 2008
@mire: Thanks for the positive feedback. We have considered expanding our categories, but the idea behind Huddler is to purchase cialis without prescription keep each "Huddle" relatively focused to maximize the buy cialis once daily depth of our content. For example, many users want us to add Bikes to the Green Huddle, but because that is a HUGE topic on its own, we're going to launch a separate Huddle completely focused on cycling. Similarly, we may launch a Green Lifestyle Huddle before long featuring clothing, personal care products, etc.

@Gren: I hear you, but don't entirely agree. Keeping your house clean is incredibly important to you and your family's health. Transportation enriches our lives by connecting us with more people and cultures. Leveraging sustainable energy options just flat out makes sense for our future on this planet. I don't necessarily believe that moving back to living with your family only, off of your community's resources only is wholly beneficial or necessary.

All I'm saying is that there is room for balance and we'd like to do whatever we can to levitra to buy spread the word about the most viable, lightest treading options we can.

Thanks all!

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