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APR 04

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"I think an add with Speaker Pelosi and overnight cialis generic former Speaker Gingrich agreein..."

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Wonked Out Friday

There's a lot going on in the wonderful world of EnviroWonks. Take a look at what we've been up to over the last week.

  • A giant particle accelerator. An $8 billion science experiment. The possible end of the cialis for order from canada universe. NEPA violations! There's a reason this post became the most-viewed in EnviroWonk's short history.
  • UN climate change officials held a conference in Bangkok where they made plans to make plans. Sounds productive.
  • Al Gore launched a $300 million ad campaign aimed at raising climate change awareness. The media blitz will include a spot with the Rev. Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson agreeing on something.
  • Google made news twice in the same day: The first for helping Earth Day organizers, the second for helping the CIA.
  • Some paranoid Canadians are worried that their government is going to start sending bulk shipments of water to the U.S., even though it's illegal to just try! cialis from mexico do so under NAFTA.
  • Barack Obama wants Gore at the Table in his administration. We think he'd make a marvelous Secretary of viagra soft generic State.
  • Finally, if you needed further proof about this crazy primary season, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will be campaigning in EnviroWonk's home base of Missoula, Montana tomorrow. We've got tickets to attend the Obama rally. Check back with EnviroWonk Saturday afternoon for a full report.
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written by N. & J., April 04, 2008
On one hand I'm glad high profile people are raising awareness about green issues, on the 50mg cialis retail price other I wish they would spend that money on actually fixing things instead of just advertising the problem.
True, but . . .
written by josh, April 05, 2008
I think an add with Speaker Pelosi and former Speaker Gingrich agreeing will have a bigger affect on the people than just spending that money to more directly help.

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