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"The economy of scale will guarantee that any viable alternative energy..."

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Top NASA Scientist Says Oil Lobby Controls the Government...duh...

In shocking and how to buy cialis in canada completely unexpected news, NASA's top climate scientist, James Hansen, was quoted by Daily Galaxy as saying that fossil fuel companies have a stranglehold on the only now generic cialis online pharmacy United States government. This probably isn't news to any of woman and viagra you; after all, Dick Cheney is canada generic propecia in charge of U.S. energy policy. Nonetheless, it's nice to see a prominent (and government-employed) ecogeek speaking out about the infiltration. According to buy generic cialis from india Hansen, our planet has reached dangerous levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, and Big Oil is doing its best to keep people uninformed.

Hansen has some ideas on what needs to be done to save us from our current crisis, though. His wish is for all coal-fired plants to be phased out by 2030 and putting a tax on them until that happens. Also, he wants new plants to have to conform to the criteria of trapping and segregating their CO2 emissions.

As he says, however: "The problem is that 90 percent of energy is fossil fuels." This goes right back to viagra uk buy the aforementioned stranglehold and is the reason why his wishes probably won't come true without a fight. How many times do we have to be reminded that we have no power before we decide to take that power back, eh? Something needs to happen. I say it's time for a real bloody brawl!

Via Daily Galaxy

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written by Enzer Miliard, April 11, 2008
Do we really need a bloody brawl, by no means am I a pacifist, and bloodshed could degrease CO2 emissions... but wouldn't it be great if everyone of middle class and below just went on strike for a day. No one would need to use fuel, because they wouldn't need to go out, and no one could go out because no one went to work. So if 85 million barrels of oil are used per day worldwide, a world wide strike like that could lower that number substantially (considering heating and energy costs this couldn't be the total, sadly those would be harder to remove than gasoline costs in this case, not to mention organizing several billion people, including those without internet access). but I digress.... it is nice to see someone admitting it without fear of "disappearing".... or admitting it even with the fear of "disappearing"....
written by Magnus H., April 11, 2008
Hahah, sorry. I sometimes forget not everyone is usa online pharmacies that sell viagra intimate with the British lingo. I meant bloody as in a soft expletive rather than the levitra on women literal use of the word. ^_^

I definitely think the world needs a revolution, but while I want it to buy levitra at a discount be forceful, I'd also want it to be peaceful. I -am- a pacifist. ^_^
Green Nazis Killed $30 a barrel oil
written by Matt, April 11, 2008
There is plenty of $30 a barrel oil off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and Florida. But, environmentalists have made these areas off limits. And, has the environment been protected?

No. Because Cuba and buy viagra uk Chinese companies are starting to drill there and we can't do anything about it.

The new Bakken field in North Dakota has way more recoverable oil in it that is being let on. I believe this is because they are afraid announcing the actual size would have every green nazi around goose stepping up to ND to protect the badlands and ruin the cialis generic uk Native America tribes' economic opportunities.

If we can't drill and we can't refine - how are we going to fill up the tank of Al Gore's Limosines?

written by law, April 12, 2008
god being pro oil guzzling and anti renewable energy is easy: just bash al gore!! weeeee
The New Revolution
written by Adam Pieniazek, April 12, 2008
Well I think corporate persons should die, so would that be a bloody revolution? Is it wrong to spill artificial blood that only exists on paper?

Just to clarify by corporate persons I mean incorporated entities that legally have the same rights as you and me.

Either way, it's the toughest fight us humans have ever faced. Never before have we been in a battle with an enemy we cannot hear, see, smell, touch, or taste. No wonder we're getting our asses kicked.
Yes, shut down all the coal plants, stop
written by Gee Hah, April 12, 2008
And watch your society crumble from starvation and economic collapse. But don't mind me, I hate the planet, why else would I consume electricity to make this comment?

Well intentioned morons. Work on alternatives then you can come talk to cheap canadian pharmacy the world about shutting down plants.

written by Magnus H., April 13, 2008
Gee Hah: If you think hard about this for a bit, I think you'll find that "phase them out by 2030" is not the same as shutting all coal plants immediately. There's a very slight possibility that someone might be able to build a greener power plant or two within the next 22 years, I think. But what do I know? I'm not even an American.
What are the cialis generic best price real world alternatives
written by Keith_Indy, April 14, 2008
Solar is not quite there yet...
Wind power, still not quite there yet...

So, how do you replace our current energy demands. You know, heating, lighting, and transportation.
Close enough
written by Dewy, April 16, 2008
You spend effort and viagra aus usa resources to build what you have, and the process creates its own refinements. Niagara Hydroelectric wasn't enough in the beginning, maybe we shouldn't have built it?

We have alternatives, they are just more expensive. Shift resources to making them en masse and they will become more affordable and available.

Or... just keep ignoring the Elephants falling from the sky.
written by isaac, April 24, 2008
The economy of scale will guarantee that any viable alternative energy will eventually become just as if not cheaper than fossil fuels.
Those billions of people in china who are becoming wealthy really quickly all want consumer goods just like you and I. Either we can compete and maybe fight with them for resources or we can try to stay one step ahead in developing energy technology to sell to the world. STOP BELIEVING THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR BEST INTERESTS.

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