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APR 11

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"Hmmm... I thought it was a veiled reference to "Vandelay Industries". ..."

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Akeena Says Solar Racks Cut Costs 10%

This is a hard truth to swallow...but despite the high-tech, clean-room facilities needed to viagra 100 mg create monosilicon solar panels, the panels themselves still only represent about half of the how to buy viagra online costs of getting home solar power.

The other half of the cost is mounting and link for you buy viagra online without prescription wiring the solar panels to your house, and the grid. In short, installation is just as expensive as the panels. But Akeena solar has developed a system that cuts installation costs by half. They call in "Andalay," though I'm really not sure why.

They've already licensed the technology to Kyocera and SunTech. Akeena ships them the racks, they stick their panels into them, and then they ship them back to Akeena for sale. Because the racks (and all that shipping back and forth to Asia) cost some money, the overall costs are only brought down about 10%. To bring down costs further, Akeena is actually allowing SunTech to sell the 100mg viagra cost panels directly...but only to buyers outside the U.S.

Hopefully, the inefficiencies in this system will get worked out soon, and the costs of installation will continue to cialis label drop...along with the cost of the panels themselves.

Via CNet

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Transport costs!
written by Nadja, April 12, 2008
hey, I think overall, that it is important to bring down the costs of solar energy. But did you consider that it is not environmentally friendly AT ALL to ship it to Asia and back? think of all the CO2 that creates. You have to include this in the equation and this might just bring down the "good" solar energy to a lot less climate friendly energy. CO2 producing steps in the production and installation that cannot be avoided are of course ok, but don't do things like that transport! That is just the problem with all the products, neglecting of non prescription viagra the total costs, including external costs!
written by Jack Speer, April 12, 2008
I purchased a solar system for my home in the bay area, and Akeena was one of the companies I worked with. The Andalay panels were interesting, but were actually considerably inferior to those of other manufacturers in efficiency, power output, and overall value. I was very unimpressed with the sales rep they sent out, who acted like a used car salesman, using all sorts of high pressure sales tactics. I chose a different firm, and was happy with my installation.
written by shari, April 13, 2008
followed Akeena for 6 months - thought this company was a good deal - but so far, it's been on the how to get a viagra prescription naked shorts, it's been pumped and dumped, the CEO sold off and cialis testimonial split the profits with his ex-wife, and there's absolutely no advertising anywhere in print or media for this customer point of sale company. I also met the salespeople, and they were like used car salesmen - then one of them hit on my daughter - I called Investor Relations and talked to Mr. Tough Guy, and I spoke with corporate and there's an answering machine on the Sales Dept. The receptionist is rather crusty. Overall, customer service fails, advertising and marketing, fails, they have some pretty offensive people spinning the stock on Google Finance - not my favorite stock so far - Local representative said Akeena employs all the installers - Investor Relations said they hire sub-contractors - so far, that's one lie plus all this inside sales stuff with the CEO - too much for me - I've moved onto another stock - don't buy it until it falls below $5.00.
written by Ian George, April 13, 2008
Hank, I think they are using the term "Andalay"... like the Spanish Ándale... which if I recall correctly means hurry up... Which is what their design is based on buying levitra ... speeding up the installation.
written by Virgil, April 14, 2008
Hmmm... I thought it was a veiled reference to "Vandelay Industries". Maybe they have an opening for a latex salesman?

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