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APR 17

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"Likely capacity factor in a good offshore location for such a big turb..."

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U.K. To Get World's Largest Turbines

Clipper Wind is taking the plunge into a leadership position for offshore wind development. The Britannia project, announced last fall as a path toward testing super-sized offshore wind turbine system, will be announcing the first sale of a 7.5 megawatt wind turbine for deployment and visit web site levitra free pills testing in UK waters. These turbines are a touch bigger than Enercon's E-126 turbines. Enercon's turbines max out at about 7 megawatts. Clipper's turbines will take advantage of the good choice online levitra cheap high and steady winds of the UK's oceans to pull another 500 kilowatts.

Showing the power of targets for creating opportunities, the UK's aggressive 2020 targets for renewable power and the vision of wind power's central role in meeting these targets has drawn Clipper and other companies into the United Kingdom to help meet the demand signal. To provide scale, the projected power from just one 7.5 Clipper Wind turbine will equal, over one year, one million barrels of oil.

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written by tsunamo, April 17, 2008
Hi there,
Doing an honest mathematical operation I think that 1 million barrels per year is totally impossible. If we just suppose that each barrel cost $ 50, we will have a turbine that generates $ 50 million dollars per year, and that's totally impossible, because if we suppose that the turbine costs between 10 and 20 millions (for being one of the first ones built of such capacity) we would have a turbine that pays itself within months, and if that was possible the the world would be right now full of just try! levitra online doctor turbines. Thanks, I love your webpage.

Regards from Spain

written by Earl Killian, April 18, 2008
One barrel of crude has a LHV of 6.1 GJ, or 1.7 MWh, so a million barrels is 1,700,000 MWh. A 7.5 MW turbine operates at say 25% of peak over the where can i buy real viagra year, and so produces 16,425 MWh. So yes, there seems to cheapest generic levitra be a factor of 100 missing here.
It will fall apart
written by Bill, April 19, 2008
Huge turbine blades disintegrate. It's a design problem. Making them bigger doesn't help
written by WHYNOT?, June 03, 2008
Hey! Is this project going to replace the use of fossil fuel? I like you ideas and plans and do hope it works. I hope I can do a little complaining here. The cost of gasoline today has gotten out of hand. The oil companies are sure filling their pockets and it is cialis online in us very wrong! I think we need to take a stand and viagra non prescription all of us that means everyone stop driving their vehicals for one to two days and if we do natural alternative for cialis this it will hurt the oil companys! Is this real? Probely not but it needs to be done!!! TAKE A STAND AGAINST THE OIL COMPANYS!
oil equivalence
written by Doug, July 12, 2008
I agree the author should show calcs for how he got the 1-million-barrel figure. The result can be highly variable, depending on what your basis is.

First thing to note is that the comparison is meaningless without the assumption of conversion to electric cars, as grid electricity and oil play almost completely separate roles in our society today; mass conversion to EVs will be the primary means by which we will replace oil with grid power.

So one concrete data point we have here is the canadian pharmacy cialis prescription Tesla roadster, whose batteries hold 53kwh; this will propel the car over 200 miles. Let's say a similar gas-powered high-performance sportscar would get 20 miles/gal. That would mean that the 53kwh will replace 10 gallons of gas.

So if you take Earl Killian's assumption above of 25% utilization (which may be pessimistic, if these North Sea winds are steadier than average), then 16,425 Mwh / 53 Kwh * 10 gal = 3,099,057 gallons of gasoline displaced yearly. I don't know the conversion of gallons of gasoline to viagra brand name barrels of oil, but it looks like the author's figure is fairly accurate.
written by Cyril R., July 18, 2008
Likely capacity factor in a good offshore location for such a big turbine would be 40-50 percent.

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