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APR 18

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Is the Silicon Shortage Ending?

For the last few years, the costs of photovoltaic panels have been overwhelmingly controlled by the price of silicon. More than half of the world's constructed silicon crystals are converted into solar panels, and since solar power's recent resurgence, demand for silicon has far outpaced supply.

Building a silicon manufacturing plant is no small (or environmentally insignificant) job. But the higher prices have lead to a huge investment in production, and it's starting to look like we might actually soon have something besides the cost of tramadol delivered cod silicon defining the costs of panels.

Many solar manufacturers have taken supply issues into their own hands by building their own silicon plants. It looks like 2009 should be a turning point for the supply of silicon. The result will be a fairly significant drop in the price of solar panels, and an increase in the amount of panels being produced.

But this silicon shortage has had broader implications than short-term price hikes. The introduction of new, thin-film technologies that don't use any silicon could make silicon panels less competitive at any price. But silicon remains the true high-volume photovoltaic technology. We'll have to wait until next year to see how the end of the shortage affects prices, and whether thin film technology can continue wheedling away at silicon's market dominance.

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written by Green In Richmond, TX, April 18, 2008
Solar still has a way to levitra best price go before it can be used by the masses. What we can do now is build more efficently. We need to rethink how we build. With all the new materials why are will still building houses out of trees? If we start at the begining and best price for levitra re establish the way we build, we will need far fewer solar panels, wind generators, and less power over all.

My 3d opinion in a 2d world.

We're getting there
written by Cyrus, April 18, 2008
There are new technologies emerging that decrease the super cialis amount of silicon needed while increasing the power yield. I think one company that is doing this is AVA Solar in Colorado.
written by Bob Wallace, April 19, 2008
Solar still has a way to go before it can be used by the masses.

Not really.

Just plug them into the grid and sell the power with the rest of the mix that we use.

Few of where to buy levitra cheap us are going to run our own utility companies. But we will be willing to purchase solar-produced electricity as prices become more and more competitive.

written by Bob Wallace, April 19, 2008
Solar still has a way to go before it can be used by the masses.

Not really.

Just plug them into the grid and sell the power with the rest of the mix that we use.

Few of us are going to run our own utility companies. But we will be willing to purchase solar-produced electricity as prices become more and more competitive.

Gamechanger Start-Up in Silicon-Power Te
written by William Pentland, April 20, 2008
A new silicon start-up in Ontario has developed a new way to process solar-grade silicon from low-quality silicon, which will dramatically increase supply.
Solar Silicon claims acquired
written by mschuss, September 05, 2008
Suite 950-789 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC, V6C 1H2
Tel: 604-241-2254 Fax: 604-484-4448

September 3, 2008 Trading Symbol CIMI-CNQ


Canadian International Minerals Inc (CIMI) is pleased to announce to acquisition of a 100% interest in the Solar claim group located approximately 2 km north east of the town of Golden, British Columbia. The Solar claims are 888.426 hectares in area and cover 5-6 km of favourable Mt. Wilson Formation which consists of fine grained white quartzites up to 500 meters wide. The Mt Wilson quartzites host two operating silica mines including the Moberly Mine, owned by Heemskirk Consolidated an Australian listed mining house. The Solar claims directly adjoin Moberly mine property and are on strike geologically to visit our site viagra to buy the south east. The Moberly mine which has been in continuous production since 1980, and has recently completed an expansion and upgrading of production and processing. The privately owned Hunt silica mine is located approximately 12 km to the south of the Solar claims. Both mines have shipped metallurgical grade silica to a ferrosilicon refinery in Washington State during the natural alternative to viagra or cialis 1980-90`s.
Silica exploration in the Golden area is relatively simple as the formations are continuous and click now how does levitra work in strata that are easily recognizable. The topography of the claim group is tramadol saturday delivery moderate for the region and is accessible by existing roads.
Very little traditional exploration has been conducted since the 1970`s in the Golden area, which was then spurred by an increase in price and demand for silicon metal by the fledgling personal computer industry.
The Geological Survey of Canada last mapped the Golden area with focus on the Moberly silica camp which included the Solar claims in 1980. (GSC Map 1497A).

The Mt. Wilson Formation is recognized for hosting world class quartzite deposits of greater than 99.5% silicon dioxide (SiO2). This material is known as High Purity Quartz (HPQ) is presently in short supply world wide, as most known sources face depletion or shut downs because of environmental issues. This shortage is occurring as new smelting technologies to replace old systems especially in Europe to meet carbon emission regulations are being planned. The majority of the worlds “quartz to silicon” smelting capacity is dated, being very greenhouse gas intensive as well as producing an insufficiently pure material that needs expensive refining to meet quality demands by the solar and electronic industries.

CIMI is earning a 100% interest in the Solar claims by paying,
$45,000 and 375,000 common shares on signing
250,000 common share in six months
250,000 common shares in 12 months

The vendor retains no other royalties or interests.

The town of Golden is a regional transportation center that is on the Trans Canada Highway and the CP Rail mainline. Excellent infrastructure required for a bulk tonnage mining operation exists in the immediate area of the claims.

The Qualified Person responsible for this news release under the terms of very good site levitra without prescription online National Instrument 43-101 is Thomas Hasek, P. Eng.

Canadian International Minerals Inc. is a junior resource company listed on order usa levitra online the CNQ, Canada`s newest stock exchange under the symbol CIMI.
The CNQ has not approved or disapproved the contents of this news release.

Michael E. Schuss
CEO, Director
604-241-2254 or 604-813-2521
This e-mail address is no prescription being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to we like it buy canada in levitra view it

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