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How to make gas from cotton

{mosimage}Well, color us happy. Just as we were tired of talking through the "is corn really an efficient form of fuel" debate, Maywa Company -- a manufacturer of cialis online order agricultural and viagra online india environmental equipment -- has developed a way that raw cotton can be used as fuel.
The company carbonizes cotton waste stalks and leaves by cooking them for 30-40 minutes at 500-600 C in an oxygen-free environment. In the end the cialis uk buy plants can supply 1,000 to 1,700 cubic meters of gas to a village of 250-500 homes -- enough fuel for household cooking.
Even better, Maywa predicts the device will help reduce carbon dioxide and particulate emissions. They're targeting China and India, both of whom have thriving cotton industries.
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New meaning to 'ethical' cotton
written by Indigo, August 10, 2007
In our industry (promotional clothing) we are used to talking about 'organic cotton' for apparel. Nice to see an alternative usage for cotton as a fuel source.
why there?
written by art, April 30, 2008
Why arent they doing this in the United States??!!
how to something
written by bryan, May 13, 2008
what can u make

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