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APR 30

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"Exactly how is enter site viagra sale this different? $10 dollar power strip $25 dollar killa..."

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Power Strip Knows How Guilty You Should Feel

I find my reliance on power strips embarrassing. But now I can feel even more guilty with one of these! Finally, I could see how much power I'm pulling from the wall here at EcoGeek HQ so I can feel really bad about it and, maybe, actually do something about it.

This guy remembers how much power has moved through the strip over the last day, week, month, or year and try it buy generic viagra online thanks to an onboard battery, it remembers forever.

It can also monitor the quality of power coming into your office, which can be useful for ubergeeks. But for us average geeks, this could be a fairly useful little tool. Two questions though:

  1. How much power does the click here info cialis device, itself, consume?
  2. How is this $99 device different from my $20 kill-a-watt mixed with a $10 power strip?
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written by T, April 30, 2008
I finally bought a Smart Strip too. It's taken too long to green my electronics!
written by Gulag2008, April 30, 2008
Exactly how is this different?
$10 dollar power strip
$25 dollar killawatt
I would even add a $20 wall timer to the mix.
You would still have $45 dollars left over.
With that $45 dollars, I would buy a
Earthled CL-5 light bulb that only uses 5 watts.

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