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MAY 02

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"Why can't you guys just give the news, tell us what people are doing t..."

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Wonked Out Friday

This week we celebrated our three-month anniversary with an extra special group of recommended site cheap levitra without prescription posts. Ok, it was really just an average week. We're just feeling chipper because the Interior Department is finally going to let us carry our concealed weapon in national parks. In other EnviroWonk news:

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written by Josh, May 03, 2008
This stuff is crazy. I don't know why the EU is going to penalize their truckers. I guess if the companies they drive for have to pay. It would shut down the U.S. economy if truckers had to pay such extra taxes. Also, about guns in parks. Why are they upset about it? It does seem kind of dumb, but apart from the small chance of running into a bear or another big predator, it doesn't seem like you need a gun there. On the other hand, I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed.
written by omegaman66, May 05, 2008
national park goers will be safer if they can carry concealed firearms. What could possibly go wrong with this plan?

Probably the same thing that is going wrong on our nation forest land. NOTHING!!!
written by D. Whitworth, May 13, 2008
Why can't you guys just give the news, tell us what people are doing to save or generate energy, then move on? Is bashing the president that important? Is insulting something someone is doing that is not on your wish list of actions a requirement for your job? Just tell us what others are doing and leave the levitra best buy political issues out. I vote Republican - because I believe we will solve most issues with science and technology and I believe too many people rely on handouts instead of a hand-up. I vote independent because I won't have someone else tell me what is right and wrong - that includes you. I vote because I care about my nation. I also own an antique gun collection that my grandfather left me...does that make me satan??? I drive a Ford Explorer because I need the space. I own two Toyota hybrids because I am responsible to the future. My 4000 square foot home is super-insulated, low maintenance and energy efficient. We enjoy camping and hiking and price of viagra in canada the great outdoors and hope to preserve as much of that for our children as possible, so we support things like the Nature Conservancy. We go to church....does that make us some kind of "religious fanatics?" I think we are simply Americans trying to viagra best price work out our family's future and build a great community for them to grow up in. When so many of best levitra prices the things I enjoy get trashed by someone who has never even seen the activity or participate in it, then it gets personal. Do you fish? Ever hunted? Like to go to car races? Have you ever even fired a gun??? Believe it or not, many people who hate guns actually find that target shooting at the police range is a lot of fun!
So spend your time reporting. Let us make up our minds about the viagra to buy issues. We are going to anyway!

I've enjoyed many of the articles about solar energy (my field) and the technological challenges that we have to overcome. You've had some wonderful things in the past about cars and how they've changed over the years. You seem to have the talent to introduce things and present them to us in an entertaining way, but PLEASE quit complaining about the war in Irag (two cousins are there now and they tell some amazing stories about the different ways the Iraqi people view us), the president (have you ever reported about the wind farm Governor Bush established in Texas???), and Republicans in general (why didn't Clinton/Gore jump all over these issues when they were there for eight long years?).
I'll keep checking in from time to time to see what's new. I just hope to see more of the tech savy reporting I saw at the beginning.

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