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MAY 07

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VW Will Sell a 200 MPG Car in 2010

So you're excited about the 2010 Prius, with its modest mileage gains. Or maybe you really want a Chevy Volt, with a 40 mile all-electric range. 2010, as we've noted, is going to be a good year for green cars. But, well, this is ridiculous.

VW has been talking for a long time about their L1 concept, so called because it uses a measly 1 liter of gasoline to go 100 km. For us Americans, that translates to about 230 miles per gallon. Of course, the amazing mileage comes at a price. The car is tiny, more of a tobaggon than a car. The single passenger actually sits behind the driver, like in a small airplane.

The tiny engine will only get the car up to about 75 mph and, as such, VW doesn't expect to sell a lot of them. Safety concerns might also keep the car from being a best seller. But, since it does have four wheels, it will have to meet all of buy levitra now the normal safety regulations for cars.

VW will continue to release details on the car, but they are firm that it will be produced by 2010. And, in terms of pure efficiency, its only real competitor will be the 300 MPG Aptera.

Via MotorAuthority and Gas2

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Chevy Volt All The Way
written by Chevy Volt Lover, May 07, 2008
I'll take a volt and squeeze in 4 passengers :)
written by IamIan, May 07, 2008
The VW L1 Concept did not use electricity to offset gasoline like the purchase viagra medication Aptera does... after the grid charged battery is depleted Aptera claims to expect 120 to 150 MPG without that additional source of energy to offset fuel consumption... as such the VW 1L would seem to do better than the Aptera... If the 1L were upgraded to a plug in HEV model like the Aptera the 1L I would expect to spank the Aptera.

As for safety... the Aptera seems safe enough... but as a 3 wheel vehicle it is allowed to ignore allot of safety issues and testing... The L1 will have to still be tested as much as any other car... so IF VW does do this... and that is a BIG IF... the VW will be safer.

VW is a international distributor... Aptera is a tiny Ca only start up... david and goliath story... IF VW goes ahead with this they have the means to easy crush Aptera into bankruptcy.
written by ryan, May 07, 2008
Vapor if ever I've seen it. The day this car comes to market is the viagra 100 day... that I buy one. I wouldn't hold my breath though. VW loves hyping up stuff and then dumping it. The diesel hybrid they had in the works was scrapped. This is the second coming of the 1L. That being said, I am a VW driver, and would love to see this thing make it to the US.
written by Virgil, May 07, 2008
I'm with Ryan on this one. It seems there has been a spate of press releases in recent weeks (Audi, Nissan etc.) all touting green cars by 2010. I have a very big and tasty felt hat waiting to be eaten if ANY of these cars actually make it to US soil by 2015 in decent numbers (i.e. not limited licensing agreements with select cities, like Subaru has done - what use is that to anyone?)
written by MarkR, May 07, 2008
It might be produced by 2010 but I have my doubts about it being released in America in 2010. It will have much better acceptance in places like Paris, where a lot of people are use to driving cars that closely resemble go carts. I'll give it one thing though it does have a cuteness factor that the Bug, or even the Mini never did. Almost looks like a Porsche in the front.
Aptera is 130 mpg , not 300 mpg
written by Space, May 07, 2008 it was said countless times before.
Not adding up
written by KarenRei, May 07, 2008
Ok, let's look at this. Drag coefficient of 0.159, compared to 0.11 for Aptera. Cross sectional area may be lower, but certainly not that much lower; *at best*, they're tied. There's a big contradiction here: either the car is wide, in which case it *does* have a large area, or it's as narrow as the passenger compartment makes it look, meaning that it's at risk of rollovers. That's why the only today pfizer cialis 50mg Aptera uses outrigger wheels, you know -- lowering the cross-sectional area while retaining rollover resistance.

Rolling losses? Aptera's already using the lowest rolling loss tires on the market, the same ones from the Insight. If they have managed to improve that, it can't be by any relevant amount. And drag is more important on the highway.

The only difference is the weight, and there are two big problems with that:

1) At highway speeds, weight isn't very important, and most definitely could not double the MPG. It's mainly important in city driving.

2) The Aptera is 2 1/2 times heavier. The difference certainly isn't battery weight; even a tiny engine strong enough to propel even an efficient car at highway speeds will still weigh you a couple hundred pounds. And they have a transmission, too, unlike the Aptera. Their drivetrain has to be at least half of their mass, compared to about a quarter for the Aptera. The Aptera is already made of composites; if the 1L car as made entirely of carbon fiber, you could shave a *little* more, since the Aptera is mostly fiberglass, but not nearly enough, and you'd price the car way out of everyone's range. What's the last option? Safety. It means that they have a flimsy safety cell made of a tiny fraction as much metal as the Aptera's.

In short:
* Their mileage numbers just don't add up, and
* It has to be as unsafe as heck. If you ever see *any* car under 1000lbs, with present tech, that means, quite simply, "Unsafe".
Was VW now Prius
written by Organic Fred, May 07, 2008
Loved our Rabbit, but sold on the Prius, especially with these gas prices. Looking forward to the next generation to beat my 47 miles per gallon.
Only 75 mph
written by Roger, May 07, 2008
Who the hell needs to go faster than 75? Given what we know about safety and gas mileage, its something of a crime that cars are still built with top speeds over 60 mph.
Sensible, sensational looking alternativ
written by Albert Ponti, May 07, 2008
Anybody noticed this exciting looking, frugal three-seater? :o
I mean this one...
written by Albert Ponti, May 07, 2008
VW seriously?
written by Rollie, May 07, 2008
I have a hard time believing the same company that cancelled the release of their diesel hybrid that was an expensive but conventional car would release something most likely not much cheaper and a heck of tramadol fedex cod a lot tuffer to sell to a slow changing western consumer. I will believe it when I see it in a showroom (even then I wouldve prefered the more functional diesel hybrid)
written by Bob Wallace, May 07, 2008

Until someone builds one and brings it to market, it's largely irrelevant.

written by Matt, May 07, 2008
They have already proved they could hit the buy cheap tramadol online inurl 1l/100km mark with the first version of the 1L car. Ferdinand Piëch drove the vehicle from Wolfsburg to Hamburg with an average consumption on .89L per 100 kilometers.
What's the carbon foot print of building
written by Gabriel, May 07, 2008
How much coal and/or oil does it take to build one of these puppies.
written by IamIan, May 08, 2008
I agree with others that the 1L will probably never be built or produced.

As for the numbers not adding up... they tested it and proved it so the numbers have to add up one way or the other.

The equation for rolling resistance means that a 2.5 times heavier Aptera will have 2.5 times more rolling resistance with the same tires under the same conditions.

The same is true for the frontal cross section... if the Aptera has a 20% larger frontal area it will have 20% more aerodynamic drag at the same Cd and same conditions. The lower you go the low cost viagra harder it is to get the Cd lower. Because the cross sectional area effect on aerodynamics that is probably a large reason they did the tandem seating.

I also disagree about a 1,000 lbs car safety ... any vehicle that does not have to go through as rigorous a safety testing program will not be as safe... the Aptera will be forgiven many safety flaws and allowed not to test many things that a 4 wheeled L1 has to prove they are safe at... At best the Aptera is reasonably safe but until they put up the money and sample vehicles to destroy for the testing it is just speculation without the needed tests to back it up.
ugly, Low-rated comment [Show]
Re: ugly
written by AndyM, May 10, 2008
First, aesthetics are a matter of personal taste. I find it amazing the number of people (on green sites, of all places) that reject fuel-efficient concept cars simply because they don't look like a "normal" car that is as aerodynamic as a brick.

Second, if you have a family and you need a family car and that is all you need, it doesn't take a genius to conclude that this is not the car for you. But if, like me, you have a family and need a second car to get to work and never need to haul more than a briefcase and a lunchbox, this car would be ideal.
Urban Mom
written by Kerry Hebert, May 10, 2008
Note to VW:

I need a driver's seat, a place to fit a child's car-seat for a 3-year old, and a tiny space for 1 bag of groceries.

I am waving money in the air, ready to buy. Can you please build AND market something SOON??
Here is the solution - electric motors i
written by JM, May 11, 2008
By putting the electric motors in the wheels a UK company has elimiated the drive train and freed up internal room.
Because they use no breaks, but use the motors to slow the car they are able to return the breaking energy back to the storage bank.

Their test car is built on a standard UK 'Mini Cooper' not a fancy light low profile car. The test car gets 80 MPG has a stunning 640 break horse power, top speed of 150 mph and will out-accelerate a Porsche 911 Carrera from 0-60mph.

Now put that in a light weight and slim profile car and you have the solution we need.

The motor in wheel technology also frees up a lot of internal space and saves weight becuase you don't need a gear box or drive train. It also gives you all wheel drive and all wheel dynamic breaking.

This, in my view, is the direction that cars need to go in. By proving the performance viability and tramadol no prescription injection drivability of the in wheel electrics first, there is no question about the ability of the technology. It not only performs, but gets 80 mpg right now.
All that remains is to lighten it up the components and put them on a slippery light weight car.
Not for America
written by MR AMERICA, May 11, 2008

No way is an American going to fit in this vehicle !

It can never succeed because the very good site cialis professional no prescription obese would sue because it isn't handicapped accessible.
Re: Not for America
written by AndyM, May 11, 2008
Yes, unlike all those scrawny Germans.

This is a scam if I ever saw one. What the picture doesn't tell you is the driver is only 23 inches tall and anorexic.
Wob L1
written by AdamA, May 15, 2008
Notice the license plate is "Wobbly"...
Who, What, Were, When, and How, in North
written by tgpii, May 16, 2008
Who, What, Were, When, and How, in North America/USA/Chicago, IL. Will/would it meet USA EPA and safty lawns? PRICE?
written by jake3988, May 16, 2008
They cancelled their golf, so I am not holding out any hope at all. Even if, I doubt it'll be sold in america. (The golf was... so, even less of a surprise it was cancelled).
written by jason, May 18, 2008
the car is stupid ..what is its cant take anyone with you anywhere, you cant go is pointless.
I WANT ONE NOW(well depends on price)
written by TGPII, May 19, 2008
Do you think the L1 really be sold in America?(I am near Chicago). My local VW dealer had no clue. Anyone know any other sources of information on it? Is is highway safe/legal? Can it pass usa EPA and safty laws? Is there a ball park price?
written by PENIX, May 20, 2008
How will I have sex in the back seat if it's that small? This car is completely useless.
Sex in the back seat
written by BillinDetroit, May 21, 2008
If you can't figure out how to have sex in the back seat you probably wouldn't be much better in the front.

Neat little car. Lots of folks are whining about it's inability to carry the football team. But look at how many cars only have one or two people in them. This car HAS a use. I would certainly consider buying one. I'd need to keep my truck for my landscape business but this would work just fine for 90-95% of the driving I do.
written by Joy Ripple, May 22, 2008
To ugly: You must be an ugly person that sees everything as ugly and unworkable. I feel sorry for you.

This car is the coolest most beautiful car I have ever seen!!! I want one as soon as it comes out!!!

Please do not insult me by saying anything about a phallic symbol.
written by owlafaye, May 27, 2008
VW had an 84 mpg 4 passenger sedan 35 years ago. The L1 is nothing unusual for them. If you cut a Suzuki Swift down in frontal area like the VW L1, it gets 80 mpg. Swifts and Old Geo Metros get 55 mpg in XF1 configuration...I have 3

VW will begin building a high mileage 4 passenger car in the near future....Suzuki already does so. There are cars in Japan that get over 100 mpg, they just are not allowed in the US due to safety concerns and a simple lack of testing them. I have ridden in small trucks that get 120 mpg and carry 4 people and cargo. They have 2 cylinder engines under the drivers seat! and have 25 or so horsepower. 80% of the US population would operate easily, cheaply and well with much smaller cars.
Just Another Pretty Face
written by Ed Lowery, May 27, 2008
Can't have sex in the back seat? The car's small enough to be a vibrator, so I wouldn't worry about that.
Has no purpose? I work and commute daily by myself. Am I the only one in America who does that?
Ugly? There are no straight lines in nature. In the 1990s, Nissan got into financial difficulties, largely because their cars continued to be rolling boxes, while other car makers were rediscovering aerodynamics. The designers weren't even allowed to round off the rear fenders. (I got this first-hand from Nissan engineers.) Why? The company president wouldn't allow it. HE liked straight lines, but then, he was also a Class A war criminal, which opens up a whole can of worms about people who see natural as ugly.
Would I buy an L1? I wrote to VW and told them that if they sold me one, I'd give up English for German, erect a shrine, and name my kids V and W.
Commuter Car
written by jason, June 01, 2008
In the part of Texas I'm from, I find a line of cars going to and from Dallas from about 50-75 miles away. They enjoy the country life, but the levitra doses city money.

We don't need to take more than one person with us and we're not going to Sam's Club for our groceries for the day. We have a family vehicle that handles those tasks.

So to those of you who ask... who would want one of these? Pretty much every commuter in our country who commutes long distances. I'm not a greenie, unless you call wanting to save greenbacks. Then you can call me a greenie, a weenie, or steam cleanie for all I care.
A car from "Tron"
written by John the Fierce, June 05, 2008
This car looks like it was developed for the movie "Tron" but what makes it absolutely beautiful is the look on Saudi faces when they start swimming in an ocean of useless oil.
written by Tony, June 05, 2008
Do you need to take out change money from your pocket to lower the total weight to achieve this mileage? ;)
Why now?
written by Clark_Kent, June 06, 2008
There was an oil crunch in the '70s. I don't remember since I was less than 5 yrs old at the time, but, why didn't anyone push the issue back then? There should ahve been more of an effort to free ourselves from fossil fuels long ago. Thirty-something years later and NOW people are concerned? What about solar houses and new technologies for houses and cars? Just think how much farther we would have come. Since technologies usually take about 10 years to develop, get accepted, and get refined, we could have been 3 times farther along than we are now.
Just a thought.
written by PUTTPUTTT, June 07, 2008
This car is out from the movie Brazil.
This WILL be popular in the UK
written by Lewis Clayton, June 16, 2008
with the state of petrol prices in the UK, I can see this being a Very hot seller, especially in the cities!

As of today petrol is £1.19 per litre ($2.38) for that my car is a mid-ranger. Around town I get 5 miles per litre so for 200 miles "around-town" it costs (in the region of)£47.60 ($95.20)

Now if I didn't have a family then this would definitely be something I would look at in the future!

Best wishes
Will the cars ever get to us?
written by Melissa, July 03, 2008
As has been mentioned, automobile companies have experimented with high mpg cars for decades, so when will the U.S. ever get them on a consistent basis?

Or will we just have several incarnations of the Prius (which I don't at all consider impressive with a mere 40ish mpg) and many dozens of concept cars that never even get close to market?

I think it's ridiculous that after all these decades we're still using fossil fuels to run our engines and that we're still allowing passenger vehicles that are so wasteful. Enough is enough.
VW has no plan to sell this car.......
written by Matthew, July 14, 2008
please read the email i got regarding the budget viagra release of this vehicle......

Dear Matthew, The vehicle you have described is the L1 concept, and is designed with a 1 liter engine. As the L1 is a concept only, no information is available regarding possible production for any markets. Your feedback regarding the desirability of the L1 has been noted, and we appreciate your time in reflecting it. Thank you again for visiting BobVolktalk
written by Stippidy, May 02, 2009
I just got back from the dealer. The cat WILL be released in the us and for only... Hold your breath... $600 (six-hundred) dollars!!! Hell yes I'll buy one!
written by Stippidy, May 02, 2009
L1 will be released next year in 2010.
written by LarryD, May 15, 2009
Sorry to all you 'it's impractical' types, but this is exactly the type of vehicle I'm looking for. No, it won't do much for groceries or kid hauling. But it would get me back and only here get viagra cheap forth to work and since there is no one to carpool with, the second seat is all i need to carry my daily stuff. It's purpose built and limited-just like a lot of other tools-but would be perfect for what I and quite a number of others could use. The question is, will they actually market the dang thing.
written by david, May 18, 2009
This is what I've been looking for for at least two decades. It's ideal for me. I wouldn't have to lug a ton of steel around with me to the places i travel and the things I need transportation for.
written by T.E. Darby, May 27, 2009
There are some basic laws of physics that will always make these smaller cars less safe in a colision. A large mass car will protect better than a small mass one.
Thus was the basic sin in Ralph Nader's undafe at any speed book. He effectively halted the only American car that was attempting to be fuel efficient in the mid 1960s. The message to our car makers was that small will not sell. Foreign makers were able to develop more efficient small cars because their domestic markets supported them. Now we are paying the price for Nadar's self promoting lies.
written by E C, June 18, 2009
This is total bs.... buy a moped with a 30cc motor and get 100 mpg. Add all the extra weight and options with 4 wheels and it will never get that kind of mpg with a 333cc motor. It will never happen people so get your heads back to reality and stop wasting your intellect and energy on bs VW vapor DREAMS!
written by Louis, June 18, 2009
I like the way the wob l1 looks. I will definitely like to get one. Hope they are able to get it into the United States.
Too late
written by ellenbetty, July 27, 2009
I have read about VW plans to build a factory to build a 2 seat 4 wheel in-line vehicle that would pass crash tests. But the article talked about the VW vehicle getting 125 mpg. Since I have bought 2 Toyota Yaris, I figure I may not live long enough to wear out both Yarises. I will just have to accept 38.8 mpg that I get driving my Toyota Yarises by using legal forms of hypermiling. If this new VW ever gets mass produced. If this new VW ever gets to the US. If this new VW ever gets a good quality rating by Consumer's Reports. I may consider buying this new VW as a future second or third car.
Not gonna market it here
written by Swiggy, July 30, 2009
Just got this letter back from VW Americas:

Dear JN Swegan,

Thank you for visiting the Volkswagen website. We truly appreciate your
interest in the L1 Concept!

At this time, the L1 does not meet our marketing objectives for North
America; therefore, we have no plans to offer this model in the United
States or Canada. We encourage you to keep in touch with our website or
your local VW dealer regarding future model possibilities.

Thanks again for visiting. Have a great day!

Kinda tells me that they believe that the US still has big bucks to buy high priced cars. I know a lot of people, that if this car were introduced, would buy it because they could afford it. A lot of folks that can't afford a decent used car use scooters to get around on, but they are as cheap as they used to be. They'd love this car because of the price. I've heard it quoted as being $600. Figure in All the additional baggage, it would run twice that amount. Still, that would be an affordable vehicle for a lot of folks that would never be able to afford a new car and constantly be stuck with money pit, gas guzzling used cars. This is what Obama wants, but VW ain't giving it.
Is this linked to the viral "What is 230?" campaign?
written by Josh, August 06, 2009
EVERYONE seems totally confused by this - googling produces no useful results, nothing. But 230 MPG seems to tie in nicely. Thoughts?
You can go 2300MPG using more KILOWATS, and more new Batery Sets ...
written by bluemonkey, August 11, 2009
written by bluemonkey, August 12, 2009
This car has an Electric motor and a battery that must be recharged after 40 miles.
If you will be the lucky one to kip this battery for 300 charge/discharge cycles you need a new battery set after driving 12000 miles (40miles x 300 recharge cycles). If the cost of the battery is $5000 , then you spend $0.4 per mile only in battery cost. Kilowatts, recharging the battery are extra.
Oh, by the way, this car has a gasoline engine 40MPG.
I bought a used Toyota Corolla, manual, on 2002 with 35000 miles. Now the car has 120000 miles and it's great! pharmacy viagra still makes 34MPG (Summer).
$60,000 car, not $600 car.
written by Ed, August 14, 2009
Swiggy wrote:
They'd love this car because of the price. I've heard it quoted as being $600. Figure in All the additional baggage, it would run twice that amount. Still, that would be an affordable vehicle for a lot of folks that would never be able to afford a new car and constantly be stuck with money pit, gas guzzling used cars. This is what Obama wants, but VW ain't giving it.

Swiggy: this wouldn't be a $600 car. Cars like this one that are packed with carbon fiber, magnesium and aluminum run more like $60,000+. This is a rich man's toy.

From VW's description:
The frame is actually made of magnesium, an extremely light metal, and the outer skin is reinforced with carbon fiber. The one cylinder engine is made of aluminum and sits on top of the rear axle.
Right about the price
written by Swiggy, August 23, 2009
When I made my original post, that was the price that was floating around the internet. Now I've seen comments about it running in the $25K area.

Anyway you cut it, it won't be available here anytime soon. (see reply I got back from VW)

written by schrijvers, September 15, 2009
There are other's comming. Look for the german build Loremo AG 1 liter/100 km will come in production in 2011 and will be sold for about 15000 euro. 2+2 seater.
EV version is comming as well. These are the future cars.
Change it to 3 wheels/motorcycle
written by Lindsey Angell, September 17, 2009
Change it to 3 wheels and sell it as a motorcycle here in the USA. This is exactly what I want and IF you have access to Aptera Files you will see that I asked exactly for a 1+1 like this without all the space for junk in the trunk. I'm usually by myself but on occasion I do take my wife or friends for a cruise. IF it was a VW I would take it around the USA, the entire CONUS starting in Kansas City going south to Texas and then west to CA, North to WA, East to ME, south to FL then back west to TX, before returning to Kansas City. Should the cruise work out as great as I expect then I'd put all 48 states on it and make the cruise through all of them and then through Canada as well. I'm retired and I'd gladly sell my Lincoln and levitra australia my two trucks to have an awesome machine like this to drive and cruise with!!!
phaedrus 2 cents
written by Ronald Rash, October 05, 2009
Most of the facts on this L1 are out now; the price is high due to exotic materials like a race car or airplane. Mass production and a shift in industrial priorities (less focus on sheet steel) will bring prices down eventually. Safety does matter but currently 100mpg is obtained through driving a 50cc scooter; how safe is that? Three wheel and hybrid wheel-motor electrics should be added to L1 variant list even if created aftermarket in a barn. Marketing here is always the question, until other carmakers steal more headlines and market share. At least the sales viagra current TDIs are popular. Ron
can you imagine ???
written by Andrew, December 23, 2009
Can you imagne a world that had an automotive industry as up to date as the electronice industry?
Where new technology was put into production and made availale to the public imidiatly. Now holding back high milage engines, or alternative fuel ideas.
Imagin a world where the Gasonline engine was never invented and we drove electric vehicles whith photovoltaic paint that constantly absorbed energy from the sun and recharged super eficiant leighweight batteries that took up half as much room as a conventional gas motor and fuel tank. Imagine a world using this same technology to gather and store energy for our houses, office building shoping malls etc.
No more grid to conect to. No More power bill. No more fosile fuel.
Cone shaped windmills would be decorate the roofs of every house. Their bewildering paint scheme creating beautiful visuale affects when spinning in the lightest breeze. Imagine a worl of superlight velocars and levitra pills a society of healthy athletic people who commute daily under their own power. Imagine a world like this and ask yourself...........Why Not? smilies/smiley.gif

Dont let the automotive industry dictate to you what you want. If you want high milage cars then demand highmilage cars. No more compromises. This country has compromised itself into government controled Poverty.
It is time for a REVOLUTION !!!
They caved in to the oil industry!
written by Asian_Al_Sharpton, January 21, 2010
Notice the latest articles saying release of the L1 has been pushed to 2013? They turned it into a HYBRID car!! They also blunted the front end and took away the aerodynamic streamlining!
written by Bob, January 29, 2010
Why can't we get the politics out of putting new car designs on the road, people? The VW L-1 is an example of a beautiful, simple and perfect commuter car. If it ever is actually sold in the U.S. it will, no doubt, just be morphed into just another big, fast, ugly, air conditioned, fully equipped, low-mileage, piece of crap like everything else marketed. Let's start the REVOLUTION and demand an alternative!
written by Robert, February 20, 2010
This looks like a great affordable car, but does it have a stereo system like a CD player????
written by Bob, February 21, 2010
I love it! I drive 18 miles each way to work and take the cialis 50 mg back way to avoid tolls and because I like riding my motorcycles. One is a vintage bike and I never get over 55 MPH on the route I take. This would give something to drive in the rain and cold weather.
How much?smilies/smiley.gif
Single Seater Car
written by Jeff Kissler, March 10, 2010
I want one of these cars!!!! When are they going to be available in the United States? and I'm sure they will jack up the prices!!!! It will cost more than $600 they more than likely jack the price to $6000.00 I hope its affordable for all americans lets give it to the oil people!!!!
written by SARA, March 18, 2010
written by Skyler, March 28, 2010
Would be amazing but, as its been said, until it is actually out there its largely irrelevant
Here's what's going to happen
written by dean conger, April 28, 2010
GM, Ford etc. are going to pay VW beau coup bucks NOT to make this car. As they have in the past. Why make the world a better place when making a profit is more important? As for the comment about "why didn't the US auto industry start working on more fuel efficient cars after the oil shocks of the '70s", see answer above. You people wanted your SUVs and the city-fomerly-known-as-Detroit said "Yeah, baby!"
Okay it's 2010, so where is it?
written by dean conger, April 28, 2010
Ha! It's in the dumpster underneath the Chrysler building. Fa geddabout it.
What we need is...
written by Johnboy, May 02, 2010
Dude, what we need is not a thousand 200mpg cars, we need 20 million 50mpg cars. This should be obvious to everyone. Just crank 'em out, that's double the current fleet averages, and is enough to radically affect the price of oil.
written by jackie cox, May 05, 2010
so much for tesla motor car company, looks like barry came to the rescue, will olan become the car barron, excuse me, czar
written by Ron, June 30, 2010
I personally like both of the cars. I drive a motorcycle just about everywhere. It get 45 mpg compared to my Avalanche that get 16 mpg. I would drive either one of these cars in a second.
written by earthgarage, June 30, 2010
There is always all this hype about revolutionary cars, and they almost never materialize. Yes, we should still pursue the next big thing, but we also need to focus on changes we can make today.
blah blah blah
written by Bill Hates, July 06, 2010
blah, blah, blah, the technology is already there, always talk but when are we going to get one here in US.?
love this car!
written by acgates, September 08, 2010
But where is it? Please don't pull the rug out from under us, VW!smilies/smiley.gif
Updated Messerschmidt Tiger 300, but I do like it...
written by Gomez Addams, November 30, 2010
Please go take a look at the old Tiger 300's and tell me if you see where the L1 came from... The design does need to go to a three wheel configuration (for the sake of avoiding red tape). Change the power plant from a 1000cc diesel (very popular in Europe) to maybe the 750cc BMW triple (gas fuel). I too have asked VW North America many times about this car only to receive a polite brush off. Watcha think, torsion beetle front end, m/c engine, glider body and a shade tree...
What if?
written by Rod Morley, December 09, 2010
What if you could get that same type of mileage with your own car and capture all the exhaust as well?
At this price
written by Nicolai, April 17, 2011
u will have paid the same total as a normal car at end of its life.

I go buy a toyota corolla from 1984 for 500 GBP rides 30.000km/year at 2000 pounds worth of gasoline. After 15 years of driving the total is about the same.

Whats the point... get a real price tag - dont just shuffle the expenses around a little..
Most likely running on hot air
written by Geoff Hills, October 23, 2011
Well, its almost 2012, and still no 100 mpg car.
Like most stuff in the ether, its all hot air.
Nope, it's 2012 and it hasn't happened
written by doubter, March 27, 2012
Nope, it's 2012 and it hasn't happened
written by D.T.S., December 12, 2012
Nope, it's 2012 and it hasn't happened
written by doubter, Dec. 12, 2012

Nope, it's almost 2013 and it hasn't happened

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