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Sustainable Self-Powering TreeHouses

Sustainable, solar-powered, glass-reinforced fiber treehouse? Does it come with a T1 line? Well, maybe not, but it does come with "undulating kinetic baffles" which apparently generate electric power from the movement of no prescription tramadol us pharmacy the viagra us canada house in the wind.

The treehouse was conceived by the U.K company Sybarite, who want to encourage a more organic approach to country living.

The materials used in construction are both lightweight and we choice professional viagra recyclable - the company claims to be able to supply houses of up to five bedrooms. Whilst I am pleased that the materials being used are recyclable, it would be nice to hear some more details about the materials being used. If creating the 'glass-reinforced fiber' takes more energy than powering a house for five years, then it's not going to viagra cost be all that sustainable.

sybaritetreehouses2 The makers are advertising their "undulating kinetic baffles." These baffles will oscillate in the wind and charge a series of batteries which can be used to supply power to the home. Power from the batteries is canada pharmacy cialis augmented by power from P.V. cells that surround the perimeter of the roof of the dwelling.

The concept also employs passive ventilation, doing away with the need for any air conditioning, furthermore, greywater from the roof is recycled to meet the water needs of the dwelling.

The design also features some of that smart photochromic glass featured in "Introducing Electrochromic Skylights"

This retro futuristic eco dwelling I feel will certaily win the hearts and minds of many EcoGeeks... all I wanna know is the price tag!

via Gizmag and TreeHugger

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