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MAY 12

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It's Time to Stop Sending Letters

Hello, it's Monday May 12th, and stamps just got more expensive again! I've decided...$0.42 is too much. It's time to stop sending letters.

In lieu of going out and dosage levitra buying a sheet of 100 one-cent stamps, I say we figure out how to cialisbest cialis not need them. Here's a helpful little guide to make those "forever" stamps you bought six months ago last as long as possible.

Discover the Joys of Scanning
I used to think that, every time I had to send someone an official document, it required a stamp. The truth is, that's just not so. I now invariably ask "is it OK for me to scan and email this?" Ninety percent of generic viagra cheapest uk the time, the answer is yes. I actually have a signed and scanned W-9 that I've sent to dozens of clients. All I need to change is the date.

Scanners are cheap, and easy to viagra on women come by. I actually recently gave one away of Freecycle because I couldn't find a buyer for it on Craigslist. It might take an hour or so to figure out how to use it, but once you've got the procedure, you'll save yourself time, money and paper.

Online Bill Pay
By now this probably seems like a no-brainer. But, chances are, you haven't fully switched over yet. You've got most of your bills on auto-pay, but a couple still get paid with a check in the mail. Take an hour out of your day and go completely treeless. Either sign up at the company's site, or schedule monthly transfers with your bank.

And for those bills that you might pay to companies or individuals that don't have billing systems, like my landlord, discuss the possibilities of PayPal. When I showed him how easy it was, and told him that it would significantly reduce the number of times per year my payment was late, he was totally into it!

Say I Love You in Binary

Now, I know that the Greeting Card Industry wants you to believe that caring can only be expressed through dead trees...but it's just not true. While emails are certainly too impersonal a medium for a Mother's Day card, and most online-greeting cards are seriously lame, it can be done.

Spend some time in your favorite graphics program doctoring a photograph, or visually executing an inside joke. Make it personal... and digital. In the end, the thought will be more appreciated, and the delivery will be 100% free.

Send a Video Letter
While people might say that there's nothing more personal than getting a letter in the mail, I suggest they try sending a video. It can be as public or private as you want, and as personal, detailed, or improvised as you want. My wife and I, for her brother's anniversary this year, sang them their song over youtube. Try doing THAT on paper. Thanks to Sarah-Jane for the tip on this one in the comments.

When all else fails: Post a Card
Postcards take far less energy to create and send through the post. Because they are a single sheet, they can be more easily sorted and viagra online us]non generic viagra sent, and are light enough to be mostly trivial in terms of buy viagra pills shipping emissions. This is, in the end, why they're so much cheaper to send than letters.

Avoid Airmail at All Costs
I know this story was supposed to be about $0.42 stamps. But if you ever find yourself thinking you want to send a letter that needs to get on tramadol 50mg tabs an airplane, think again. While most post is sent over ground, a relatively efficient way to travel, air mail is far more carbon intensive.

Any steps you take to minimize airmail will have far more environmental impact than steps you take to minimize ground mail.


These simple steps, if fully executed, should get you down to less than one stamp per month. And while saving forty-two cents a few times per month might not seem like that big of a deal, it's just one more step on the tramadol online next day path to levitra tablets for sale ridding ourselves our reliance on physical objects and transportation. When all we need to send are electrons, the Earth, and especially its forests, will thank us.

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Charge more for Junk Mail
written by Ashb, May 12, 2008
Why cant they charge more for the Junk Mail delivery? Make the Junk mail more expensive to send, that will also reduce more paper going into landfill.
I hate junk mail
written by bob bobberson, May 12, 2008
I would say that at my house Junk mail is a majority of the trash I make. As a single male with no family I have very little food I generate very little trash. (I mean ramen packaging doesn't represent alot of garbage, lets face it)

HOWEVER junk mail represents a by far the biggest majority of the trash that I throw away. I don't even read the junk mail. Charge more for junk mail! I think it generates like a bag a month, when I can get by with less than a bag a month of personal garbage. (I do generate garbage by eating out and eating at work I know)
Just Saying
written by hi, May 12, 2008
It's Monday May 12th. ;D
written by Alan, May 12, 2008
I've tried to convince my parents to set-up automatic transfers, but they just don't trust computers... I haven't written a paper check in five years.
Video Mail too!
written by Sarah-Jane, May 12, 2008
Great suggestions Hank!

It is very important to start looking at mail and the cost to transport it as unnecessary and anti-environmental.

I would like to add that video mail can also be used for a wonderfully personal touch! I did a few at Christmas time for my friends who moved to different states after college.

Like a card, it is something you put your time and sweet thoughts into and unlike Skype, it can be played over and over again.
written by Dan, May 12, 2008
If we could only get some of these billing places to believe online bill pay doesn't require and we like it how can i buy levitra in canada additional fee. My auto loan requires a 12.50 convenience charge for online payments. Just what I want to do is add 5% to my bill to get your money to you in a faster and less resource intensive way.
To Dan
written by Ashb, May 12, 2008
Forget your Auto Loan Company, check out your bank. They will cut and send electronic checks for all the bills you pay. The checks will be cut from your checking account. It is usually free, banks save money by sending it electronic because they don’t have to balance there books manually.
Call me old fashioned
written by Brianne, May 12, 2008
Call me old-fashioned, but there is nothing better than getting a hand written letter in the mail.

You are right that junk mail is annoying - but if daily junk mail is the price to pay for recieving a hand-colored card from my 2 year old niece every few months, I'll take it.

I agree that many paper-related tasks can be handled online or with a computer - but not all and certainly not the most personal. I treasure and save birthday cards I recieve in the mail and let e-cards go into my deleted emails after 1 view to cheap levitra online pharmacy save memory space on my hard drive.

If junk mail were not sent by postal mail, the amount of spam in our mailboxes, automatic phone calls, text to mobile advertisements, and LED billboards would increase for sure. Businesses need to reach people. It's much simpler for me to seperate myself from the junk mail in my postal mail box.

It's not proven that writing and delivering a letter is any more efficient than all of buy levitra from china energy used and electronics waste created by digital fads and cialis online cheap online tools - useful or otherwise.

Better to remove yourself from all mailing lists and recycle all of the junk mail that you recieve. At least then it can be given another life instead of entering the visit web site how to get levitra no prescription landfill.

Like everything, there's no all or nothing - there's just learning how to be as smart and environmentally considerate as you can with what you have.

I'll send you a post card when I figure it all out ;)
Have a read
written by Jozef, May 12, 2008
I've only purchased about a dozen stamps in the last 2 years, ALL of which went to send christmas cards overseas (all on recycled paper). I've been paying all my bills, every single one, for the last 8 years via online payment through my bank, it can't be easier. As for Junk Mail, I hated it, so living in a condo, I got a sign-up list together and anyone who wanted NO junk mail could sign up and we posted the results in the mail room for the postal workers... each box got a no-junk sticker... haven't had junk mail since.
E-waste Recycling
written by Brianne, May 12, 2008
Also, keep in mind that the USPS uses recycled material for their boxes/packaging and is also starting a large scale electronics waste program (

It could be a lot worse, I am glad that the USPS is becoming more environmentally conscious.
written by MarkR, May 12, 2008
Letters and Bills via snail mail isn't the problem.

The problem is all the junk mail. I'd say the ratio is about 1 letter for every 10 pieces of junk mail.

written by marvel, May 12, 2008
It's nice to pay bills online, but lets think about this a minute. For every bill someone pays on line is the less the USPS has to deliver really that is not a good thing for letter carriers need to carry letters to get paid ok. The price of everything is going up jobs are leaving lets not let this part of America go away like everthing else.
written by Enrique, May 12, 2008
Don't throw away the junk mail, recyle it.
hate tree huggers
written by john, May 13, 2008
>:( why does everyone have to bash the post office i have been a letter carrier for 10 years and real cialis without a prescription you know what yes i hate junk mail but with out it the country will destroy it self putting 10's of thousands out of work is that the solution not just the link for you cheapest viagra uk post office but all the printing companies, doesn't the US have enough problems with keeping jobs here not saying that they'll be sent over seas this counrty needs the post office a computer does solve things i've had my bank account tampered with once and my credit card # stolen 3 times so know i don't trust bank pay or online pay i just make sure i pay my bills on time so there not late so if you wanna put thousands out of work keep hugging your trees but if you wanna keep thousands from being unemployed order your catalogs and mail your bills we are still the cheapest and fastest in the world !
written by eatingorange, May 13, 2008
I recently requested some USPS Priority Mail boxes from the local post office. Two weeks later I received 10 boxes shipped from Indianapolis, Indiana. They were printed in City of Industry, California (about 20 miles from where I live). It's little wonder we're paying 42 cents to cheap viagra from uk mail a letter when they're doing things this stupid.
hate tree killers
written by Brian, May 13, 2008
To John,

Just because an industry provides thousands of jobs doesn't make it a good industry. U.S. junk mail results in the chopping down of usefull link cialis 20 50 million trees per year! and for what? I've got nothing against the post office or its employees. And I recognize that the economies of scale provided by junk mail allow me to pay only $0.42 for a letter. However, I'd happily make all junk mail illegal starting today and pay $0.60 per letter.

And then tomorrow I'd work on making phone books opt-in only.
Junk mail is no reason to boycott the US
written by Brianne, May 13, 2008
I feel strongly that the postal mail system is necessary int he US.

Let's focus this energy on the junk mail industry instead of the stamp sellers and mail carriers.

You and I are not sending junk mail, so us not buying stamps will not do anyone any good.

Can Eco Geek put together an article about how we might end junk mail, instead of eliminating the post office?
written by knittinandnoodlin, May 13, 2008
These are great ideas!

I haven't sent cards through the mail in years. I very rarely even give them...mostly because I just don't see any value in buying a card with someone else's words and what is levitra professional art on it.

I suppose that works from an environmental standpoint, too. =)

As for junk mail...they should charge at least twice as much to companies mailing junk mail as they do to us average citizens trying to mail a letter to *gasp* someone that actually might want to hear from us.
written by Emily, May 13, 2008
Honestly, I think it's a bargain to ask someone to buy viagra usa carry a letter across the country in two or three days for 42 cents.

But I still pay my bills online. :)
Reducing unwanted mail
written by Meredith, May 13, 2008
These are great ideas, and my husband perked up when I told him that we should "say i love you in binary" (he's a true geek).

One thing that I do is sign up at and in order to eliminate the top us pharmacy cialis catalogs, credit card offers, and insurance offers. The amount of mail I receive has really been reduced. I'm still trying to figure out how to get rid of bulk mail (the grocery store adds mostly) and then I will be happy. That would take me down to just the mail that I actually want.

Check out these two websites, they are so worth it! ;D
Reduce Junk Mail
written by angie, May 15, 2008 will reduce your junk mail for five years for a mere $41. Check it out!
Free Junk Mail Elimination
written by Paul, May 25, 2008
It's not difficult to eliminate most junk mail for free. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) allows you to register not to receive junk mail:

This is free, or perhaps it's just $1, I can't remember which.

An added benefit to blocking credit card offers is that it can reduce your risk of identity theft. There's a link on this page for opting out of credit card offers as well.

About a year ago, I registered to not receive junk mail, to not receive credit card offers, and called to remove my name from the local supermarket mini-newspapers. Now my junk mail is virtually eliminated -- I receive perhaps one junk mail every few weeks.

The supermarket mini-newspapers used to annoy me the most. I'm not sure if the DMA registration would have covered this, since I called for this separately. You are getting postcards along with your mail, that usually has pictures of missing kids. This is actually associated with the supermarket ads. All you need to do is call the number on the postcard and ask to levitra free pills be removed from their mailing list.
what does it really cost to generate a l
written by Jules, November 22, 2008
Does anyone actually know what the actual cost of generating a business letter and mailing out to the client cost? An example is a law firm that repeatedly creates the same document and mails it out to their client. I would like to know what this should be costing the levitra australia no prescription client and not what the attorney thinks it's worth! :)

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