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MAY 15

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"large container ships use efficient 2 stroke diesel these are direc..."

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High Schoolers Reduce 2-Stroke Emissions by 40%!

This is the third in our series of projects from ISEF that we will be covering. Many more to come. Thanks to Intel for flying me out and only best offers viagra on line putting me up so I could cover the conference.

Denmark may not be a big country, with only 5.6 million inhabitants, but there are more than 160,000 mopeds there, not to mention lawnmowers, chainsaws, and even cargo ships that transport goods. Each of these have a common thread: they all run on two-stroke engines. Michael Madsen and Jesper Rasmussen, both riders of mopeds, found out one day how utterly inefficient and polluting they could be, even for their size. The reason is that with two-stroke engines, no matter the size, when fuel is canadian viagra injected into the cylinder, part of it is allowed to escape through the cialis prices exaust manifold (see white spheres in picture).

This means that not only are you sending a large portion of your fuel in the exhaust without burning it (30-40% on average in chainsaws), these hydrocarbons are released into the atmosphere as reactive organic gases, which cause a slew of health problems. Madsen and Rasmussen decided to design a system that would eliminate these problems and make the engine more efficient. What they’ve done is created a unique design in their exhaust system that pushes the overflowing hydrocarbons, along with a little of the exhaust, back into the cylinder by way of levitra free samples a shockwave traveling at 500m/s.

This allows the fuel to be completely burned, and has resulted in a fuel efficiency improvement of 17.7%, just for their mopeds. Carbon monoxide has been decreased by 10% and hydrocarbon emissions have been reduced by 36.7%. The system is even more efficient in hot, dry climates, so would work well in areas like California, many countries in Asia, and the middle east. Heavy cargo ships, carrying some of the most polluting engines in the world, would greatly benefit from this technology, and the team has patented their system and hopes to wow)) viagra pfizer canada bring this to market in the future.

Frankly, it makes us at EcoGeek feel like we're slacking. If this is what high school students are doing, shouldn't we be doing a bit more than just blogging?

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written by Advent, May 16, 2008
You must not follow 2 stroke advances much?

Modern 2 strokes have both exhaust valves and direct injection. Meaning they do in fact burn their fuel almost completely. There are actually some rather impressive advances going on in that department. For instance, Evinrude was the viagra cost first company to meet the EPA's 3 star emissions requirements for outboard motors, and they did it with 2 strokes.

Large ships mostly emit crap because they burn crap. The fuel they use is also the stuff used to make plastic. It's almost impossible to cleanly burn.

These kids did a great job improving on cheap levitra older 2 strokes. But it doesn't really apply to newer engines.
EcoGeeking is not slacking
written by Andrew Moore, May 16, 2008
As someone who reads this site every day for updates and for inspiration for their own efforts to link for you buy viagra online australia green their life, I would hardly say that you are slacking! I'd rather you kept the site you going in order to keep us out here well motivated to get it done at home and at our businesses.
written by EV, May 16, 2008
Here is some info on a 2-stroke that is over 50% efficient. It's made for ships and has been around for years.
written by Jordan Lyons, May 16, 2008
So is this a solution for existing, inefficient two-stroke engines that can be reproduced on a large scale?
Yes, retrofit, and possible future appli
written by Jozef, May 16, 2008
Jordan... yup!
written by Jesper Rasmussen, May 17, 2008
We recognise the fact that newer two-stroke engines are much improved with both advanced valves and fuel injection, but this wont help much in the much polluted cities of Asia. Our product is directly aimed as a cheap retrofit for the person riding a two-stroke because of low price. The person that has the money to buy a new fuel-injection two-stroke, wont contribute much to the collective emissions from two-strokes anyway.

as a side notice our stay here in the U.S. has been hugely rewarding as we won a second prize in the team category at the Intel international science and engineering fair, and also 2 VERY attractive special awards.

Regards, Jesper Rasmussen, Denmark.
written by Andy, May 17, 2008
Take a look at the Aprilia SR-50. One of the fastest stock 2-stroke 50cc scooters on the market and it emits literally no emission. It's fuel injected, oil injected, liquid cooled, 3000 dollars of 2 stroke genius. Kudos to these guys though.
Two stroke technology
written by Randall Sweeney, May 18, 2008
Two stroke diesel engines are the future of personal motor transport.

Cheap and powerful two stroke diesel engines can be designed to run on sump oil harvested from the existing automobile fleet. This is an ideal technology for developing countries.

Owners of gasoline powered cars could offset their running costs by selling their used engine oil as fuel for the two stroke diesel fleet.

Two strock for the shps
written by mki, May 18, 2008
The biggest problem with the ships 2 stroke engine is the oil that they burn.
I sow somewhere a article that describe technology that convert bunker oil to purchase cialis light fraction. I wonder if such fuel precondition can be build in to ship engine. The question is what the cost.

The better solution for Denmark is to use electric mopeds and lawnmowers.

If the pollution and efficiency are the goal we have to go different direction. Moder steam engine instead of internal combustion engine.
The steam engine from Cyclone Technology have 36% efficiency, with driving characteristic similar to electric motor (very high torque, not transmission necessary, no clutch needed , no idle cycle in city cycle – on /off only). The engine is extremely quiet and generic cialis from india have very low emissions (at list 10 time lower then ICE).
The last thing what I read is some lawnmowers company buy the enter site indian generic viagra license to use one of the steam engine design.

As for the students that get the price for the design: grate job!!! At this age you start think like engineers, Grate future in front of them. I wonder if your invention can be sale as kit to modify existing mopeds. In such case it have a lot of snce.

message to buy cheapest viagra jesper rasmussen
written by raymond, October 30, 2008
first of all, congratulations on the awards! i came across this site googling, 'reduce 2 stroke emissions'. i am a big fan of only here pfizer cialis old classic vespas. been riding them since college and have enjoyed 70 miles/ gallon for a long time now and have never bought a gas guzzler of any kind. however, i'm feeling the need to sell my babies in order to curb the amount of emissions these old scooters create. just learned this recently. so i came across this and was hoping to find a solution that can help me retrofit my exhaust pipe? admittedly, i'm not much of a mechanic, but would love to hear your thoughts. thanks in advance!
Expansion chambers?
written by -hp, April 14, 2009
Isnt this old news?
I mean they are talking about an expansion chamber that can be found in small gasoline 2 strokes like motocross bikes? Except in motocross use they act as a kind of turbocharger that draws the fuel-air mixture from the exhaust cylinder and then pushes it back to the cylinder just before the exhaust port closes.
Tuned Pipe
written by Idahoboy, May 06, 2009
Is this just a tuned pipe?
very keen
written by justin, May 12, 2009
Hi! I'm based in asia and My company has 100 over traditional 2 stroke OBMs, Can your solution be mapped for OBM used? appreciate if you could contact me via mail.
Especially the retrofit kit.

Hope to link up from there.
Many Thanks!
got a 2 stroke... dont know what to do
written by Otzy, June 06, 2009
Hi... i've got a two stroke moped, Hero Majestic brand (1990) brand new... i'm using it but i'm heavily concerned about its emissions. PLEASE i need a SOLUTION for IT. If i sell it, someone else will use it. I prefer to generic viagra for women keep it and tune it. What can i do?!
OH yeah
written by Otzy, June 06, 2009
I'm in south america...
um, yay?
written by Grog, August 03, 2009
Hate to burst your guy's bubbles, but all this sounds like is an expansion chamber. Read this:
Nothing new but they seemed to have fooled a lot of fools
written by bill, August 06, 2009
Yes, it does sound like an expansion chamber and click here low price levitra is nothing new. I really don't think these kids did their homework. And they seemed to have fooled a lot of people into thinking they were geniuses. Look at that intel logo. Fooled them.
Otzy is worried
written by bill, August 06, 2009
Why are scooter riders worrying so much about emissions now? They're already saving the generic overnight viagra planet from a lot of emissions. Are they never happy?>smilies/sad.gif
large container ships
written by luke, February 23, 2014
large container ships

use efficient 2 stroke diesel
these are direct injection to save fuel
and as a consequence are relatively clean as unburnt fuel cannot escape in the exhaust phase since its injected after compression

power pipe
the pausing back of unburnt fuel has been around since Walter kadel who invented or discovered the effects of shock wave in the exhaust pipes in the 50,s

the idea works but the engine must be kept at a precise rpm or too much back flow of cialis canada online pharmacy no prescription exhaust with unburnt fuel will cause poor combustion too little backflow will mean fuel will be lost outside the exhaust

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